Cookie Policy

Detailing the use of cookies on uses cookies, but what are they?

Website cookies are important pieces of information we use to tailor our website exactly to your needs. Cookies are harmless, tiny text files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website. They enable us to remember who you are when you visit us again.

How do they affect me?

Cookies don’t store any sensitive or personal information such as your name or address – we use the coded information gathered from them to help us perform tasks. These tasks include showing you products in your region, allowing you to watch a video or allowing you to connect with social media sites. By using our website, you agree that we can keep cookies in place and help us to remember a little about your viewing preferences, while keeping your personal details protected.

There are three types of cookies:
  • Strictly necessary cookies
  • Performance cookies
  • Functionality cookies

Some of these are ‘third party’ which means that other sites use them to gather information on our behalf – the information below explain further.

Strictly necessary cookies

These are essential to enable you to move around and use its features properly. Basic functions such as remembering where you’re located rely on these key cookies.

Types of Strictly Necessary cookies
Country We store the country selected by the user on the entry page so that when the user visits the site again, we can display the site in his/her preferred language and country. This is a Drupal session cookie.
Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information about how visitors use our website – such as which pages visitors go to most often and if they receive any error messages. These cookies don’t collect information that identifies a visitor; we use the information strictly to improve how our website works.


Types of Performance cookies:

    _utmz We use Google Analytics to understand how our website is being used, in order to discover which areas can be improved.
barbour-uk-cart Allows passing the management of the cart for the customer, allowing the addition of multiple products in separate requests.
accelratorSecureGUID After successful authentication, a GUID is generated and stored in a secure session cookie.
JSESSIONID This cookie is essential and links visitor browser session to our servers so we can store basket information, process orders and hold recently viewed items.
_pk_id.99804.214e Contains timestamp of cookie creation date, in UTC and seconds.  This will be used to process 'Days to conversion' for goal conversions.
_pk_ses.99804.214e Every time _pk_ses is created, it increase _pk_id visits counter by 1. This will be used to report "Visits to conversion"
Functionality cookies

These cookies remember choices you make while visiting We can use the information they provide to help tailor our site to your needs, to assist with playing videos, or allowing you to be connected with social media websites.


Types of Functionality cookies:

Facebook Like Button We use Facebook's Like button to allow you to indicate to your friends that you enjoyed a piece of content on our site. Facebook will store a cookie when you do this so that they can recognise when you have already 'liked' an item. Should you have to log in after clicking a like button, Facebook will store an additional cookie to remember you are logged in to their service.
Twitter Tweet Button Using the tweet button will cause Twitter to store a number of cookies on your machine, to enable the core functionality of the button. It will also store a cookie in order to remember you are logged in to your Twitter account should you have to log in after clicking the button. Twitter will also store cookies for their own Google Analytics account, in order to track your usage of their button anonymously. These cookies are the same as the ones Barbour uses for our Google Analytics account.
YouTube The YouTube video player will store a number of cookies that enable the core functionality of the player, such as recording your play progress, whether you were logged in to your YouTube account, and recording your viewing statistics to be shown later on your own YouTube account page. YouTube also stores their own Google Analytics cookies, which function the same way as the ones Barbour place for our own site.
Pinterest Pinterest will store a cookie in order to recognise when you have previously pinned a specific item from the Barbour site. Should you have to log in after clicking the Pinterest button, it will also store a cookie to keep you logged in to their service. Pinterest also store their own Google Analytics cookies, in order to track how and where you are using their functionality.
Turning your cookies off

Most browsers are automatically set to accept cookies but should you wish to update your website browser to restrict cookies you can follow the instructions on the IAB's website here. This may, however, affect your ability to use certain areas of our site.

Want to know more?

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