Model wears clothing from the Barbour Festival ShopModel wears clothing from the Barbour Festival Shop

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Mother's Day

Treat the most important figures in your life this Mother’s Day, with a gift they will treasure for years to come. Browse our specially curated gift guide to find accessories, summer essentials and iconic wardrobe staples including waxed jackets and rain boots.



  1. Ashby Waxed Jacket
    Ashby Waxed Jacket
    From $398.00
  2. Flyweight Cavalry Quilted Jacket
    Flyweight Cavalry Quilted Jacket
    From $200.00
  3. Royston Casual Jacket
    Royston Casual Jacket
    From $260.00
  4. Somerland Waterproof Trench Coat
    Somerland Waterproof Trench Coat
    From $420.00
  5. Baston Liddesdale Quilted Jacket
    Baston Liddesdale Quilted Jacket
    From $330.00
  6. Catton Spey Patch Showerproof Jacket
    Catton Spey Patch Showerproof Jacket
    From $485.00
  7. Clyde Waterproof Jacket
    Clyde Waterproof Jacket
    From $350.00
  8. Annandale Quilted Jacket
    Annandale Quilted Jacket
    From $220.00
  9. Otterburn Gilet
    Otterburn Gilet
    From $150.00

The Barbour Way of Life

Discover more about the Barbour Way of Life and get inspired to make the most of life's simple pleasures, and the great outdoors.

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Wax For Life

Here at Barbour, our waxed jackets are designed to be a jacket for life. Crafted from durable Thornproof and Sylkoil waxed cotton, you can extend the life of your jacket from home with an annual re-waxing or by using our re-wax service where we lovingly restore your waxy companion to keep it looking its best. Discover our Wax for Life hub below for more details.


Barbour Way Of Life

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