Model wears clothing from the Barbour Festival ShopModel wears clothing from the Barbour Festival Shop

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Dress for the al-fresco date nights, balmy evenings and the doing-nothing days with the Barbour Dresses Collection. Our new season selection has been designed to be endlessly versatile with feminine silhouettes and lightweight fabrics for everlasting summer style. Discover the Barbour Dress Collection today.



  1. Rutherglen Sleeveless Midi Dress
    Rutherglen Sleeveless Midi Dress
    From $112.00 MRSP $160.00
  2. Northwood Polo Shirt
    Northwood Polo Shirt
    From $95.00
  3. Ponte Striped T-Shirt
    Ponte Striped T-Shirt
    From $60.00
  4. Christie Trousers
    Christie Trousers
    From $105.00 MRSP $150.00
  5. Juliette Embroidered Blouse
    Juliette Embroidered Blouse
    From $120.00
  6. Barnard Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt
    Barnard Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt
    From $90.00
  7. Toeman Beach Sandal
    Toeman Beach Sandal
    From $50.00
  8. Ella Striped Mini Dress
    Ella Striped Mini Dress
    From $150.00
  9. Flowerdale Trilby
    Flowerdale Trilby
    From $45.50 MRSP $65.00
  10. Melonby Shorts
    Melonby Shorts
    From $130.00

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Wax For Life

Here at Barbour, our waxed jackets are designed to be a jacket for life. Crafted from durable Thornproof and Sylkoil waxed cotton, you can extend the life of your jacket from home with an annual re-waxing or by using our re-wax service where we lovingly restore your waxy companion to keep it looking its best. Discover our Wax for Life hub below for more details.


Barbour Way Of Life

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