Barbour Re-Loved for GUCCI Continuum

The Barbour Re-Loved programme joins Gucci Continuum, adding Gucci deadstock fabrics into re-waxed and reconditioned jackets, or creating new pieces entirely out of archive materials. Within the collection, each unique find begins a new chapter recounting two century-spanning heritages.

‘The partnership presented a real unique challenge and opportunity, working with iconic Gucci tapestries and delicate silk fabrics that are very different to the robust wax cotton we are used to working with at Barbour. 

Barbour Re-Loved and Gucci Continuum are two very worthy and current ways of thinking about fashion, reutilising, existing product and fabrics to really minimise the impact on the environment – remodelling and taking care of garments so they can be enjoyed for many years to come’

- Gary Janes, Senior Design & Development Manager 

Available to purchase at (Europe & North America)

Gucci Store, Hankyu Umeda Hankyu 8F, Osaka, Japan (from 25th November)

Gucci MRTW, Selfridges, London


Learn more about Barbour Re-Loved below.