Shoe Care & Size Guide

Looking after your footwear

It is important to maintain and look after your kit, treat it well and it will serve you well. By using the correct products and tools your footwear will stay serviceable, comfortable and smart for all occasions. And by taking a little time and the right maintenance there is no reason why it will not protect you against the weather and last many, many years.



Should your leather become marked or scuffed it will require cover up. Use a matching colour or slightly darker boot polish. Apply with a soft cloth and then leave to stand allowing the polish to be absorbed into the leather. Then buff with a soft brush to create a shiny polished finish, finally wipe over with a plain show cloth.


Suede Cleaning

Suede uppers will need to be treated differently to polished leather shoes, polish will ruin the texture and surface. Use a Crepe eraser to rub away small scuffs and marks, then use a suede brush to restore the nap of the suede. After cleaning a spray ‘Suede-Guard’ will protect your footwear and provide a water resistant barrier. Always read the instructions.


Leather Conditioning

To keep your leather shoes tip top apply a conditioning crème with a soft cloth. This will prevent your footwear from drying out or cracking and will help to maintain original finish.


Wellingtons and Rubber Footwear Care

Barbour wellingtons share all the qualities of our clothing. They're of the highest quality, well made, fit for purpose and offer lasting comfort and wear. Our rubber wellingtons are tough and durable but like all good footwear, deserve a little care. Treat them well and they'll look after you for years to come.


Caring for your Barbour wellingtons

Always wipe off mud and dirt with a damp cloth and then allow to dry naturally. Never clean with solvents or detergents. Store in a cool dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat. We recommend that you don't leave your wellingtons on car seats, near windows or radiators and they should not be folded, creased or left with the tops turned down.
As the sole becomes worn, there is an increased risk of slip. Exposure to oils, solvents and animal fats can swell the rubber and increase the risk of slip. Barbour wellington boots contain natural rubber latex which some people may have an allergic reaction to.


Barbour Womens Size Guide

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4 37 6
5 38 7
6 40 8
7 41 9
8 42 10


Barbour Mens Size Guide

6 40 7
7 41 8
8 42 9
9 43 10
10 44 11
11 45 12
12 46 13
13 47 14
14 48 15
15 49 16