Barbour Re-loved | Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully.


Your old Barbour wax jacket can be exchanged at Barbour’s participating retail stores*. 

In exchange for your old Barbour wax jacket, Barbour will give you a $80 voucher to be used towards purchasing a new Barbour wax jacket.  Only one voucher can be used for each new jacket purchased. The voucher cannot be used on our website.  (Please note you cannot exchange your old wax jacket online or by sending to Barbour Customer Services.)  

This offer only applies to men’s and women’s Barbour wax jackets. Children’s wax jackets are not included in this promotion.

The $80 voucher can only be used toward the purchase of a new Barbour wax jacket at the full recommended retail price (RRP).  If a discount has already been applied on the jacket, the $80 voucher will be applied to the original RRP of the product and not the discounted price.  The $80 voucher cannot be used toward the purchase of a Re-Loved jacket.

Your $80 voucher is valid for day of turn in only.

By accepting the $80 voucher, you agree your old wax jacket will become the property of Barbour.   Once returned to Barbour, your old Barbour wax jacket may be repaired and recycled in whole or part and may be resold to another customer.  Whilst we will make every effort to recycle old jackets, jackets beyond repair may not be recycled or resold.  We are unable to inform you as to what has happened to your old wax jacket.

The $80 voucher is valid only for you and is non-transferable.  It cannot be re-sold and the voucher can only be redeemed in full on one occasion.       

When buying a Re-Loved jacket, please ensure that you thoroughly inspect the jacket. It will have been lovingly cleaned, repaired and reproofed and the jacket will have unique and specific characteristics. It is therefore ‘sold as seen’.   Barbour’s returns policy and terms and conditions apply to the purchase all Re-Loved Jackets.

*Participating retail stores where you can exchange your old Barbour wax jacket and redeem your voucher are as follows:-

Madison Avenue, Georgetown, Princeton, Westport, Kittery

See for the addresses of participating stores.