Product Information and Care

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Q. I don’t seem to be able to locate the care labels on my newly purchased jacket, where are they?
A. Care labels are usually located within the inside pockets of the majority of coats and jackets.


Q. Can I wash my Wax Cotton Jacket in the Washing machine?
A. No. We recommend that you sponge clean only. If you are unsure please check the internal care labels.


Q. Which hood will fit my Wax Cotton Jacket?
A. The vast majority of our hoods will fit any pre-studded Barbour jacket. However, for more specific details visit our Hood Fit Guide or contact our Customer Service team.


Q. I cannot find a hood to match the lining of my Wax Cotton Jacket.
A. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to continue to produce hoods with linings that match all of our limited edition prints. Please see our range of hoods to select the hood that most closely matches your jacket. Our Hood Fit Guide provides information about Hood and Waxed jacket compatibility.


Q. Which Zip-in liner will fit into my wax cotton Barbour Jacket?
A. Zip –in liners fit into most classic Barbour styles. Please visit our Zip-in Liner fit guide to identify the liner style which will fit into your Wax Barbour Jacket.


Q. How do I wash a Waterproof Breathable Jacket?
A. Please always refer to the washing instructions inside the garment. Generally, most Barbour waterproof breathable outerwear can be machine or hand-washed at 30 degrees. The use of a 'non-detergent soap' is recommended for waterproof breathable garments. Fabric softeners should not be used as these prevent the durable water repellent treatment from working effectively.


Q. Can I dry clean my Waxed Cotton Jacket?
A. No, unfortunately you cannot dry clean Barbour waxed cotton garments. The chemical process used in dry cleaning may permanently damage or remove the proofing.


Q. How should I store my Barbour Waxed Jacket?
A. We recommend that you hang your Barbour Waxed Cotton Jacket in a cool dry place.


Q. I’ve manged to lose the belt on my jacket, could I get a replacement?
A. We don’t hold stock of specific items. However, in some cases we may be able to supply a generic belt as an option and for a nominal fee.

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