Waxed Jacket Aftercare Services



Re-Wax (Reproof)

Q. I’ve been storing my jacket in the shed and it’s started to smell. If I have the jacket re-waxed will it remove the smell?
A. We recommend that you store your Waxed Cotton garments in a cool dry place. Reproofing will not remove smells.


Q. How often should I have my jacket re-waxed?
A. It really depends how often you wear your jacket but to ensure the wax coating is maintained, we suggest annually to ensure it retains the wax quality.


Q. I’ve had my Waxed Cotton Jacket for just over a year and it’s lost its wax coating what can I do?
A. You can re-wax your jacket using our How to Re-wax my Jacket guide as a reference.


Q. I don’t feel confident enough to Re-wax my own jacket, do you offer a re-wax service?
A. You can return your jacket to Barbour’s Customer Services Team and for a small fee we’ll do the re-wax (Reproof) for you.


Q. How do I return my jacket for Re-waxing?
A. To return your jacket for re-waxing (reproof) please visit our aftercare service pages


Q. What will my jacket look like once it's been re-waxed?
A. Initially, it will be darker in colour and have more of a sheen in its appearance.

Dry Wax

Q. What is Dry Wax?
A. Dry Wax was introduced in 2017. Dry Wax, as the name suggests, is dry to the touch with a crunchy feel which differentiates it from our other waxes.
To find out more visit our Dry Wax page

Q. I have a Barbour Dry Wax Jacket, can I send it to you for reproofing?
A. No, we currently do not offer a reproof service for our Drywax products.



Q. My sleeves are too short; can you alter them for me?
A. An alteration service is available for minor alterations across most styles of Waxed Jackets. These include:

• Shortening or lengthening of sleeves
• Shortening or lengthening jackets
• Fitting a new zip

For more information on the alterations offered and the styles that can be altered, please call Customer Services on 603-249-2283 or you can email us at [email protected].


Q. How do I send my Jacket for Alterations?
A. You must complete the alterations form, highlighting exactly what is required. Please enclose this form with the garment you wish to return. We recommend that you send your jacket by recorded or special deliver as we cannot be responsible for loss of your jacket whilst in transit to us. Please ensure all valuables are removed from the pockets prior to posting it to us.


Q. I've shortened the sleeves on my wax jacket but after a few months small holes and wear lines have appeared at the cuffs. What shall I do?
A. If the sleeves of your jacket are too long it is best to have them altered to prevent unnatural creasing and wear.



Q. What do you repair?
A. We are happy for you to return a wax jacket for assessment accompanied by an outline of requirements to complete a repair. Please visit the repairs and reproofing page to complete the form.

In the majority of cases we can successfully repair and return a wax jacket, however some items are simply beyond repair because they are too damaged or are outside of our allocated time to provide and complete a repair.

Each item is assessed and reviewed on a case by case basis by a skilled machinist. Items which are identified as unrepairable will be returned. Our Customer Service team will update you throughout the process and make recommendations where possible.