It Could Only Be the Barbour Way of Life

It Could Only Be the Barbour Way of Life


The Barbour story began in 1894 at the Market Place in South Shields, and today our 5th generation family-owned business remains in the North East, with our headquarters located in Simonside, South Shields.

Last week, we gathered friends to explore and immerse in the rolling landscapes of our home county, from gin tasting on the moors to a look inside the South Shield’s Barbour Factory. We spent the day sharing old tales with companions, taking in the sights, and learning about those who scaped our county in years gone by. Read on to find out more about our day living the Barbour Way of Life.

Nestled on the edge of the Northumberland National Park, Hepple Spirits was founded in 2014 to bring a taste of England’s northernmost county to connoisseurs across the world, providing an ample first stop for our trip. After re-fuelling with another local favourite, Northumberland Coffee, our friends headed on to the moors to forage for botanicals, a mountain top lunch and an exploration of hidden woodland bars.

Afterwards, we headed to Housesteads Roman Fort for a guided tour of the UNSECO World Heritage site, strolling along the epic structure which is one of the Empire’s best maintained outposts in Northern Europe. Venturing along Hadrian’s Wall, we took in the scale and magnificence of the site, embedded into the North East’s rich history. 

Rounding off our trip, we took a step inside the Barbour Factory and worked through a tour of the full production line – from preparing fabric to quality control- before learning about our re-waxing initiative, which can help a jacket last a lifetime.

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