Social Media FAQ

Q. Which social media accounts do Barbour and Barbour International have?
A. You can like and follow Barbour and Barbour International on:

Barbour Barbour International

Social Media Terms & Conditions:

Be polite and respectful

The Barbour Way Of Life is about being surrounded by people you love and building memories that last a lifetime. We would like to create a friendly, welcoming environment for all our online community members to enjoy this too. Please make sure all comments are kind and respectful.

Please refrain from posting spam, promotions and selling items

Self-promotion, spam and links to external sites are not allowed to ensure the online safety of our community. Links are only permitted if these add to the conversation or answer another community members question.

No hate speech or bullying

We want to make sure everyone feels safe within our community. Hate speech and bullying of any form will not be tolerated. All posts containing this will be deleted, and the member will be blocked from our community.

No bad language

Our communities are a friendly space and we don’t allow bad language on our feeds.

If we feel that any comments violate any of the above then we will remove them at our discretion.