Men’s Wax Jackets: A Guide to Barbour Jacket Styles

Men’s Wax Jackets: A Guide to Barbour Jacket Styles


A collection that grows more and more iconic with every passing year, the signature range of men’s waxed jackets from Barbour has developed a reputation for being quintessential British outerwear. Synonymous with style and practicality, the Barbour jacket styles available span across a wide range of fits, styles, lengths and finishes, with each coat uniquely designed to suit the varying needs and tastes of every man.

From heritage styles such as the Bedale and Beaufort, to more contemporary coats including the Ashby and Corbridge, selecting the right Barbour jacket style for you can feel like an exciting, yet somewhat intimidating, challenge. If you’re looking to join the countless celebrities, style-icons and royalty on the impressive list of Barbour-lovers, discovering the right Barbour jacket style for you is the first step.

To guide you on your outerwear journey, we’ve put together this in-depth guide to Barbour jacket styles, with details on each type’s unique heritage, practical features and recommended uses. Whether you’re looking for your very first Barbour waxed jacket, are shopping for a loved one, or already have one of our life-long staples in your wardrobe, join us and fall in love with Barbour.

What are the different types of Barbour jackets?

Spanning from traditional country styles perfect for everyday wear, to more contemporary staples that keep up with the latest outerwear trends, the full collection of Barbour waxed jackets for men ensures that every occasion, style preference and time of year is catered for. To help you narrow down your options and find the perfect coat for you, we’ve listed the most popular and iconic styles below.

The Barbour Bedale® Wax Jacket

One of the earliest Barbour jacket styles to join the men’s waxed collection, the Barbour Bedale was first designed in 1980 by Dame Margaret Barbour herself. An essential staple, the Bedale has inherited a range of practical features from its equestrian design, with the shorter silhouette, relaxed fit, rear vents and Nylon inner ‘drip-strip’ all combining to make it the perfect versatile, horse-riding jacket. Equally suited towards everyday, year-round wear, this equestrian-style coat has spent over four decades of its life being beloved by Britons up and down the country.

Features of the Barbour Bedale jacket

  • 100% medium weight 6oz waxed cotton outer
  • Pure cotton lining with tartan design
  • Traditional corduroy collar with a studded stormfly close front
  • Inner ribbed sleeves for weather protection
  • Stylish brass two-way ring-pull zip with stud press fastening overlay
  • Four pocket front design, with two bellow pockets and two moleskin-lined hand warmer pockets

Discover more about the iconic Barbour Bedale jacket, including its rich heritage, style notes and more by reading our dedicated blog, A Look at the Iconic Bedale Barbour Jacket.

The Barbour Beaufort Waxed Cotton Jacket

Designed just three years after the Bedale, the Barbour Beaufort jacket has also ascended to icon status in the many decades since its original release. Similar to the Bedale due to the shared loose shape and slightly shorter than average length, the Beaufort jacket’s unique design is a result of it being inspired by traditional French shooting jackets. Featuring a slightly longer body than the Bedale, a large rear pocket which mimics traditional game pockets and adjustable Velcro storm cuffs, this waxed jacket is the epitome of classic country style and practicality.

Features of the Barbour Beaufort jacket

  • Made from medium weight 6oz thornproof waxed cotton for comfortable weather protection
  • 100% cotton Barbour tartan lining
  • Windproof cuffs with Velcro fastening
  • Studded corduroy collar which can be turned up and fastened against the wind
  • Versatile and convenient large rear pocket, which is Nylon-lined and has a zip closure
  • Traditional four front pocket design, featuring two bellow pockets and two moleskin-lines handwarmer pockets for additional warmth

A classic style which has never fallen out of favour, discover all there is to know about this enduring staple in our guide, A Look at the Iconic Bedale Barbour Beaufort.

The Barbour Bristol Wax Jacket

While the Beaufort and Bedale Barbour jacket styles are designed from medium weight waxed cotton to provide adequate protection from year-round weather, the Barbour Bristol is designed to face winter weather head-on. Featuring a number of reinforcements, the Bristol jacket is robust and heard-wearing, an essential for any man’s winter wardrobe.

Features of the Barbour Bristol jacket

  • Made with a showerproof 6oz Sylkoil wax outer, which gives the coat a lived-in feel
  • Tailored fit with raglan sleeves and Barbour’s signature tartan lining
  • Robust two-way zip with press closure cover
  • Sit-down corduroy collar with a studded throat strap which can be turned up and fastened to keep out wind and rain
  • Traditional four pocket front design, complete with waist height, angled hand warmer pockets which are lined with moleskin for additional warmth in chilly weather

The Barbour Corbridge Wax Jacket

Another rugged, winter-ready staple, the Barbour Corbridge was originally designed for men who prefer a more contemporary, engineered style for their outerwear. Offering a slim, tailored fit, the Corbridge touches on the utility-style trend with its bold four front pocket design, while the Sylkoil waxed cotton outer completes the look with its matte, lived-in finish. In terms of weather-resistance, the Corbridge is an excellent choice for winter, the Nylon quilted lining offering additional warmth without weighing the style down.

Features of the Barbour Corbridge jacket

  • Made from hardy 6oz Sylkoil waxed cotton with a matte finish
  • Lined with a lightweight Nylon which is quilted to 50g wadding for warmth in winter months and brisk weather
  • Funnel collar lined with corduroy, which also features a hidden Nylon hood with toggles
  • Adjustable cuffs and a two-way front zip to shield against wind

The Barbour Beacon Sports Wax Jacket

Taking its inspiration from the enduringly popular To Ki To jacket, which was worn by Daniel Craig in the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall, the Barbour Beacon Sports jacket has become one of our most sought-after Barbour jacket styles. Designed in a slim-fitting shape, this blazer-style button-through coat features soft leather embellishments on the cuffs, shoulders and elbows for a contemporary country look that is well-suited to a range of occasions.

Features of the Barbour Beacon Sports jacket

  • Medium weight 6oz Sylkoil waxed cotton jacket for a more weathered, lived-in appearance
  • 100% cotton Barbour tartan lining
  • Blazer-style button front and collar which can be worn flat or turned up with the button-up throat strap
  • Luxurious leather detailing on the cuff edges, shoulders and elbows
  • Three front pocket design, with two generous bellow pockets and one chest pocket, and two rear zipped pockets for extra functionality

The Barbour Border Wax Jacket

A popular choice of men’s waxed jacket since it was first designed in the early 1980s, the Barbour Border waxed jacket is an all-weather style that is perfectly suited to men who prefer a long-line length in their outerwear wardrobe. Similar to the bestselling Bedale and Beaufort styles, the Border jacket is representative of Barbour’s rich history, and was named for the border between Scotland and England which John Barbour, the founder of Barbour, first crossed in 1870. In order to pay homage to Barbour’s dual heritage, the Border wax jacket is lined with our traditional tartan design.

Features of the Barbour Border jacket

  • Made from medium weight 6oz Barbour thornproof wax to allow for comfortable year-round wear
  • Cut to a longer length, with lengthened sleeves and a generous fit
  • Six versatile pockets in total, with two front bellow pockets, two moleskin-lined hand warmer pockets, and two internal
  • pockets with detachable pocket bags
  • Traditional corduroy collar with a studded throat strap

The Barbour Classic Northumbria Wax Jacket

Similar to the Border jacket’s long-line style, the Classic Northumbria jacket was designed to give lovers of the Border style a heavyweight, winter-proof upgrade for those who prefer a little extra protection during the colder months. Sharing the Border’s relaxed fit, longer length and distinctive tartan lining, the Classic Northumbria jacket is finished with an 8oz Sylkoil wax outer to give it a robust finish capable of taking on snow, sleet, hail and everything in between.

Features of the Barbour Classic Northumbria jacket

  • Finished with a heavy weight 8oz Sylkoil wax outer, giving it a tough layer of protection against the elements while simultaneously keeping you warm
  • Longer than traditional coats, the long-line cut provides additional shielding from rain while the relaxed fit leaves ample room for layering
  • Traditional Barbour elements, including 100% cotton tartan lining and a corduroy collar
  • Four front pockets, including two generous bellow pockets and two hand warmer pockets at waist height, as well as two internal zipped pockets for storing valuables

The Barbour Ashby Wax Jacket

A jacket which ascended to best-selling status remarkably soon after its initial introduction into the men’s wax jackets collection, the Barbour Ashby waxed jacket was originally designed as a modernised take on the traditional Bedale. Since becoming a favourite of Barbour-wearers up and down the country, the Ashby is as well-suited to city wanderings as it is to strolls along the coast and in the country, making it an effortlessly versatile choice for the contemporary man.

Features of the Barbour Ashby jacket

  • Finished with a 6oz Sylkoil waxed 100% cotton outer, which has a more robust, matte finish
  • As a contemporary take on the classic Bedale, the Ashby features longer sleeves, a slightly longer body and a more modern tailored fit
  • Trimmed with Barbour’s classic tartan design on the lining and inside pockets
  • A corduroy sit-down collar with throat strap, angled hand warmer pockets and generously-sized bellow pockets provide functionality and weather protection
  • Available in a range of colourways, including black, olive and navy

Learn more about the features which have made the Ashby one of the most popular types of Barbour jackets in our full Guide to the Barbour Ashby.

The Barbour Sapper Wax Jacket

Rugged and functional while still maintaining an element of smartness, the Barbour Sapper wax jacket features a slight tailored fit and drawcord waist. These design elements, combined with the refined utilitarian front pocket style, turn this casual coat into a uniquely-stylish outerwear piece. As practical as it is stylish, the Sapper jacket also features a diamond quilted lining for additional warmth when exploring the great outdoors.

Features of the Barbour Sapper jacket

  • Made with a 100% cotton 6oz waxed outer
  • Smart diamond quilted lining for protection from cold weather
  • Utility-style front pockets, including two button-close pockets at chest height and two lower pockets for additional storage
  • Tailored fit with drawcord waist for versatile shaping

The Barbour Stockman Coat Wax Jacket

With a design which mimics New Zealand’s traditional Drover style coats, the Barbour Stockman Coat’s distinctive style has made it an iconic and utterly unique piece of outerwear in the Barbour range. Recognisable by its long length and storm cape, the Stockman offers full coverage from Britain’s challenging weather conditions. Innovative features of this style include the heavyweight waxed cotton finish for uncompromising protection from rain, a studded back vent and leg straps to retain coverage in windy weather, and a double storm fly front with stud fastenings to keep your chest and neck cosy in adverse conditions.

Features of the Stockman Coat wax jacket

  • Finished with a heavyweight 8oz Barbour Sylkoil wax outer
  • Length cut to past the knee for fuller coverage from weather, with added leg straps to ensure the body stays in place
  • Sewn-down storm cape, double storm fly front and Velcro-fastening throat strap
  • Studded back vent to allow for versatile wear
  • Lined with cotton in a heritage check pattern
  • Two generously-sized patch pockets feature on the front of the coat, with an additional security pocket in the interior

Which Barbour jacket should you buy?

When it comes to selecting your own outerwear staple from the wide range of men’s waxed jackets available at Barbour, the question of which type you should buy is entirely up to you. Personal style is an integral part of expressing yourself and your identity, which is why we at Barbour are constantly adding more and more unique styles, shapes, fits and colours to the full collection.

However, if you’re struggling to choose between styles, or aren’t sure which type of Barbour jacket appeals to your tastes the most, we recommend narrowing down your options by considering what your essential requirements are. For example, if you’re looking for an iconic style that can be worn throughout all seasons, the Barbour Bedale, Beaufort, Beacon or Border are excellent choices, while heavier weight styles such as the Corbridge, Classic Northumbria, Bristol and Stockman Coat are better suited to becoming winter jackets.

Find your perfect Barbour jacket style online

At Barbour, we take great pride in all of our men’s waxed jacket styles, and are always seeking new inspirations to widen the range to enable every man to find his perfect outerwear piece. Whether you’re drawn to one of the ten iconic Barbour jacket styles above, or want to view more types before committing to a piece, find your new style online at Barbour.

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