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Our brand was born out of the creation and manufacture of fit-for-purpose garments.

The working people of the North East only had one coat. It had to be a good one - a “coat for life.” Built to last with integrity and a common sense approach to quality and construction.

A celebration of our heritage, our factory, our mindset, the many hands through which our products have been crafted, and our family upon which everything is built.

Style Edit

Denby Casual Jacket

  • Cord collar
  • Lightweight casual

Faulkner Overshirt

  • Cord collar
  • Utility pockets

The Deck Wax

  • Functional back pocket
  • Multi-zip

JBS Flight Casual

  • Bomber-style 
  • Multi-zip

Explore Heritage+

  1. Faulkner Overshirt
    Faulkner Overshirt
    From $230.00
  2. Modified Transport Vest
    Modified Transport Vest
    From $550.00
  3. Denby Casual Jacket
    Denby Casual Jacket
    From $390.00

Extend the life of your jacket...


Our waxed jackets famously last for many years. Extend that even further with regular re-waxing and repair work.


Discover how.