Emma Bridgewater AW20 Q&A

Emma Bridgewater AW20 Q&A

To celebrate the launch of the AW20 Emma Bridgewater collection, which features beautifully lined outerwear, and clothing, we sat down with the lady behind the Emma Bridgewater brand, to learn about the inspiration behind the designs.

AW20 Emma Bridgewater collection

Tell us about the exclusive new Dog Walking print that you have designed for Barbour?

The print was inspired by autumnal walks in the countryside, one of my favourite activities. Our design studio team always designs things that we would like to have and use in our home life, and so we thought it would be lovely to have a quilted jacket perfectly suited to changing Autumn weather, with a brilliant print to show off too.

Dogs feature on a number of your designs what do you love about our canine friends?

We have been featuring dogs on pottery for years, and it has been hugely successful. We pick different breeds every season and get countless requests to add more all the time. Dogs make incredible companions, and people love to have their tea from a mug featuring their favourite breed. As a family, we have had black Labradors for years and they are our favourite breed of dog, so they have been a consistent presence. They have a way of making our walks more eventful and fun, especially when the children were younger. I put a Labrador chasing a pheasant in the Dog Walking print for Barbour as it is something I have witnessed more times than I can count, and really epitomises a lovely autumn countryside walk.

AW20 Emma Bridgewater collectionAW20 Emma Bridgewater collection

A lot of your work is inspired by the countryside, what are your favourite outdoor activities?

I really enjoy walking outdoors no matter where I am, whether it is walking on the canal in Stoke-on-Trent whilst at the Emma Bridgewater factory, or at home in Norfolk. I try to do it every day. It really stirs me up creatively whilst also quieting my mind.

This season’s collection includes a quilted jacket and a waxed jacket but what is your go to piece for outdoor adventures?

The quilted jacket is so easy and light- and cosy; the lining print feels like a secret ( and I like chucking it on a chair when I come in, knowing it will be a nice surprise if anyone notices it! 5. What’s next for the Emma Bridgewater team? I am really proud of the team, who have done a brilliant job adapting to the current climate. Staying at home has intensified the need for domestic happiness, and this has been front of mind as we finalise the Spring /Summer 2021 collection, which is full of wildflowers, birds and animals. I am always driven by the notion that we want Emma Bridgewater products to genuinely feel like home, that the designs that we produce are unfussy and friendly and that they improve our mood, something everyone needs during this strange time.

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