Rosy cheeks, muddy hands and dirty knees - that was the inspiration behind this season's kid's collection. Encourage your little one to explore the great outdoors with stylish, warm and comfy clothes. Designed for endless hours of fun, our selection of wellies, mini waxed jackets, knitted jumpers and more has everything your little one needs for the next season of adventure.

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Girls' Jackets

From miniature versions of our classic waxed jackets to quilted jackets, our selection of girls' jackets has something to suityour little one's evolving style. Boasting a variety of bold pops of colour and playful prints, we can guarantee that each jacket has been crafted with a functional-first design to keep your little one warm and comfortable all day long.

Boys' Jackets

Every adventure needs a cosy jacket to match and the miniature renditions of our selection of boys' jackets is sure to have a style for your little one. From classic waxed jackets to quilted styles, each design has been crafted with functionality in mind to provide durability for this season and beyond.

Girls' Clothing

Whether you're looking for a charming dress, reliable knitwear or a matching mini-me moment for your little one, the selection of girls' clothing at Barbour is sure to have the perfect piece. Detailed with playful prints and pops of colour, build your youngster a wardrobe of reliable staples with the help of the Barbour kid's collection.

Boys' Clothing

Whether you're looking to invest in a style that your little one will throw on for the muddiest of adventures or a smart staple for weekend dressing, our boys' clothing makes a perfect choice. With playful t-shirts, warming knitwear and smart shirts, your youngster is sure to look the smartest of the bunch.

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 Shop the look...

Mini Me Favourites

  1. Barbour Sweatshirt Otterburn
    Barbour Sweatshirt Otterburn
    From £59.95

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Barbour's Back To School Essentials

While the six-weeks holidays are a great time to make memories as a family, this time often flies by and, before you know it, it’s time to start preparing your child to return to school. Whether you need a reliable jacket or a sturdy backpack, Barbour kids has you covered.

Miniature Versions of Classic Barbour Styles for your Children

Our Mini-Me collection is the perfect way for the whole family to coordinate when spending time together. From our popular waxed jackets to stylish logo t-shirts, your child can enjoy the Barbour quality and style too.

Children's Half-Term Essentials Guide 2023

More than just a break from school work and learning, school half terms are a time to expand young explorers’ sense of freedom, adventure and style, past the usual time constraints of the school week.   

Barbour Childrenswear

For adventure without compromise, Barbour Childrenswear today. Embracing playful print, colourways and, this collection embodies the freedom of youth for clothing perfect for exploring.  















Boys' Mini Me













Girls' Mini Me 

Something For the Boys

From running around to walking to school, explore our boys' clothing to find the perfect Back to School staple for your little one. 

Something For the Dogs

So nobody feels left out on the school runs, explore our collection of dog products so the four-legged member of the family has something to welcome the new term. 

Something For the Girls

From school days to the weekend, explore our girls' clothing for the best adventure pieces that don't compromise on style so that your little one is always comfortable.  

Browse Collection

  1. Barbour Classic Beaufort® Wax Jacket
    Barbour Classic Beaufort® Wax Jacket
    From £289.00
  2. Barbour Classic Northumbria® Wax Jacket
    Barbour Classic Northumbria® Wax Jacket
    From £279.00
  3. Barbour Classic Bedale® Wax Jacket
    Barbour Classic Bedale® Wax Jacket
    From £269.00
  4. Barbour Bristol Wax Jacket
    Barbour Bristol Wax Jacket
    From £249.00
  5. Barbour Bedale® Wax Jacket
    Barbour Bedale® Wax Jacket
    From £269.00
  6. Barbour Bedale® Wax Jacket
    Barbour Bedale® Wax Jacket
    From £269.00

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Supa Corbridge Wax Jacket

Inspired by the Corbridge jacket first introduced in 2007, the Supa Corbridge is a celebration of Barbour’s field sports heritage taking functional attributes into a sophisticated style.

Shop Supa Corbridge

Supa Beaufort Wax

The A-line Supa Beaufort incorporates all of the history and tradition of the Beaufort in an exciting jacket that takes design to another level.                                                                                     

Shop Supa Beaufort