The Barbour Dogs Diaries-Meet Colin

The Barbour Dogs Diaries-Meet Colin


As part of our monthly Barbour Dogs Diaries series, we are bringing you a monthly dose of our favourite Barbour Dogs. These furry friends are striking a pose, sporting their Barbour Dogs best wear from head to tail and sharing a glimpse into the wagnificent life of a Barbour Dog.

Say hello to our December pooch @colin_the_minischnauzer, Colin is a miniature Schanuzer aged 1. Colin lives in North Wales with his pawrents and spends his time travelling and exploring trails and adventures across the UK, often staying in pooch friendly hotels (Colin really knows how to live a luxurious #BarbourDogs life!) . We think Colin is paw-fect and we most definitely approve of his Barbour Dogs pupfits! You can find @colin_the_minischanuzer on Instagram to see what else he gets up too!

Read this month’s Barbour Dogs Diary and check out how @colin_the_minischnauzer is living their best Barbour Dogs life!


‘Where is your favourite place to go and play?’


I love going to my local park, which also happens to have a castle in it.  I also love to run around the woods trying to catch the squirrels ( I’m always so close but they just always seem to outrun me!) and sometimes I’m even brave enough to go and have a little paddle in the stream, but I never go in too deep, my little legs just aren’t long enough!


‘Do you prefer the beach or the countryside and why?’


I live in North Wales so I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to the countryside and beaches, but my favourite has to be the beautiful, open countryside. I really enjoy going on walks and hikes with mum, getting to see the amazing views from the top of a hill or mountain and I always beat her to the top!


‘What is your favourite thing about Barbour Dogs products?’


I love Barbour Dogs products as they are incredibly well made. They are really easy to clean, even when they get covered in mud, which is a lot of the time! There is a different type of coat, fleece or harness for every adventure, I really am spoilt for choice. Mum tells me that I look very smart and handsome in my Barbour Dogs clothes and accessories, which is of course a bonus.


'Which Barbour item is your favourite and why?'


My favourite Barbour item would have to be they're trusty and durable wax dog coats. Their wax coats keep me snug as a bug when it’s extra cold outside and helps to keep me dry. I’m not particularly keen on the rain, so it’s perfect! Plus, mum has a Barbour wax jacket too, so we are always matching!


‘Talk us through your daily routine…’


After I’ve woken up and been outside to……well you know, I have my breakfast and then have a quick walk. When I get back home I settle down for a nap. Mum works from home so I help her out where I can, sometimes even popping onto a Teams call or two. At lunch time we go to the park for a walk and in the afternoon I snooze away while mum works. At night my favourite thing to do is snuggle on the sofa with mum and my two cat siblings before going to bed.


@colin_the_minischnauzer knows how to live his best Barbour Dogs life! Keep an eye out for new #BarbourDogs stories and adventures in the New Year and have a paws-itvely wonderful Christmas.



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