Barbour Dogs Adventures: Introducing Lottie and Poppy

Barbour Dogs Adventures: Introducing Lottie and Poppy


As part of our new, monthly Barbour Dogs Adventure series, we are sharing a glimpse into the wagnificent lives of our beloved #BarbourDogs. Our four-legged friends are sharing their top adventure recommendations and walking us through their ultimate doggie day out, along with pawing out their top tips and tricks for exploring the great outdoors!

This month we are shining a spotlight on the supaw cute duo @lottie_and_poppy. Lottie and Poppy are longhaired Dachshunds aged 7 and 9, based in East Sussex. Lottie and Poppy are serious globetrotters, jetting off to sunny European destinations and embarking on adventures within the UK. This duo also knows how to travel in style, suited and booted in their #BarbourDogs best gear, comfortably seated in their First-Class seats.

You can find @lottie_and_poppy on Instagram to see what else they get up too! We love this duo and think you will too! Let’s delve into the glamorous lifestyle of Lottie and Poppy…

ABOVE: (left) Tartan Dog Harness (right) Quilted Dog Coat

List your top three dog-friendly sites/trails to visit and your favourite thing about visiting?


We love going to remote spots where we can be off the lead and are free to explore. At this time of year, our favourite walks are in local woodlands amongst the bluebells and wild garlic. It’s also much less muddy than in winter, which means we can avoid post walk baths! The pictures above are taken at: Batemans National Trust and Forewood Nature Reserve, which are all in East Sussex.

Walk us through your paw-fect ‘spoil your pooch day!’


A paw-fect day for us would have to be a day trip or holiday. We love visiting new places and joining the humans on their adventures. In the UK, we love to spend the day visiting pretty towns, gardens and historic sites - followed by a cuddle at a warm pub! Our most wagnificent days are spent on our trips abroad. Each summer, we embark on a long drive down through Europe. It is so lovely to spend quality time with our paw-rents and we sausages love to bask in the warm sunshine.


What are your top tips for an adventure-filled day with your furry friend?


We use the Ordinance Survey app to find the best trails and footpaths around us. We don’t love meeting big dogs on our walks so it’s best for us to find more secluded spots - away from the hustle and bustle, and it is fun to drive around and explore the countryside!


Although there aren’t a lot of sandy beaches around us, when the tide is out, we love to walk along the foreshore of our local beaches. Bexhill beach in particular has miles and miles of sand at low tide, and at sunset, the colours of the sky reflect off the wet sand and it’s really beautiful!

Which Barbour Dogs products are essential for an adventure-filled day?


We live in our Barbour harnesses! They are the perfect fit for sausage dogs (no tugging on the ears!). They also look great and are extremely resistant to whatever we put them through - wind, mud or rain! We partner them with either leather or tartan leads, and our matching coats on cold and rainy days. At the end of a long tiring day there’s nothing better than cuddling up in our comfy Barbour beds. They’re just the best size for sausage snuggles!


@lottie_and_poppy know how to live their best Barbour Dogs life! Our next Barbour Dogs Adventures will feature @walkieswith_freya, as they walk us through their greatest local adventures!

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