Barbour Dogs Adventures: Introducing Hunter

Barbour Dogs Adventures: Introducing Hunter


As part of our new, monthly Barbour Dogs Adventure series, we are sharing a glimpse into the wagnificent lives of our beloved #BarbourDogs. Our furry friends and their pawrents are sharing their best recommended adventure-filled trails and sites to visit in their region. They are walking us through their ultimate 'spoil your pooch' day out, along with pawing out their top tips and tricks for exploring the great outdoors!

This month we are shining a spotlight on the supaw cute @hunter.the.good.boy. Hunter is a Working Cocker Spaniel aged 3, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Although Hunter loves the urban life, and all the attention he receives at the tourist hot spots, he definitely knows how to kick it in the country. Hunter loves to frollick in fields and hike up the hills of Scotland with his pawrents, as well as overnight camping (most likely Glamping, Hunter is one glamorous pooch).

You can find @hunter.the.good.boy on Instagram to see what else he gets up too! We love Hunter and think you will too!

List your top three dog-friendly sites/trails to visit and your favourite thing about visiting?


In Edinburgh, Blackford hill is our favourite walk. It was Hunter’s first ever walk as a puppy. The views across Edinburgh are beautiful, and there are so many routes to take around the hill that we’re constantly finding new paths to explore. You can also sneak down to the Hermitage for a walk along the river, it truly has everything.

We spend as much time as possible in Perthshire. The Hermitage at Dunkeld, particularly in autumn, is breathtaking. The trees are humungous and the waterfalls are so powerful. Dogs are best kept on a lead for safety but it is well worth the trip!

Ben Vrackie just outside of Pitlochry was myself and Hunter's first real hike. It felt like such an achievement to reach the summit! It is quite gentle for a while, then a steep climb to the summit. At the top, we were treated to a cloud inversion - I could not believe our luck! There is a great, traditional pub at the bottom called the Moulin Inn which is perfect for refuelling and getting a scooby snack! 


Walk us through your paw-fect ‘spoil your pooch day!


Although he appears outdoorsy, Hunter is a city dog at heart. We would start the day slow with a cuddle in bed, then head over to Stockbridge in Edinburgh in search of a pastry and coffee (puppachino for Hunter!) We would then wander around the centre of Edinburgh, up to Edinburgh Castle, around the Royal Mile, where Hunter gets all the attention from tourists as he poses for some photos. Then we would head to my family home so Hunter can play with his cousins: Molly the Border Collie and Walnut the French Bulldog.


What are your top tips for an adventure-filled day with your furry friend?


  1. Take 5x the amount of treats you think you will need. They will come in handy when you want to take lots of photos!
  2. Pack a couple of long lasting treats in case you want to stop somewhere and need to keep your pup entertained.
  3. I always spy on a new location on TikTok and Instagram to see what spots to look out for, for a great view or photo opportunity!
  4.   A collapsible bowl for water is great for sneaking in your pocket or bag.

Which Barbour Dogs products are essential for an adventure-filled day?


Hunter loves the Barbour dog jackets! His waxed jacket has got him through many a drizzly Edinburgh walk, and the cosy fleece lined Baffle Quilted coat is so great for those chilly winter days in Scotland! And we can’t forget the waxed dog bed for curling up in after a big adventure, the perfect bed for a dog who likes to sleep like a croissant! 


@hunter.the.good.boy knows how to live his best Barbour Dogs life! Our next Barbour Dogs Adventures will feature @walkieswith_freya, as they walk us through their greatest local adventures!

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