US Timeless Originals : Blair Eadie

US Timeless Originals : Blair Eadie

US Timeless Originals
13th september 2016

Blair Eadie has inspired us for the better part of a decade with her unique style on Atlantic-Pacific, first in San Francisco and then in New York City. Both locations have influenced her style, and the streets are not just backdrops, but part of the looks.

A longtime fan of Barbour, the blogger and fashion industry veteran is the perfect fit for our Timeless Originals collection. Blair likes the modern silhouettes and design details of Timeless Originals. Like the collection itself, her style incorporates classic, iconic pieces with an edgy twist.

“The new Barbour ‘Timeless Originals’ collection fits well into my fall/winter wardrobe. My personal style ebbs and flows from classic to irreverent,” she says. “This new collection allows me to show off each side.”

She pairs the Barbour Highland Shirt with the Barbour Quilted Border Jacket, a longer-length piece inspired by the original men’s Border jacket.

“One of my favorite pieces from the new Barbour 'Timeless Originals' Collection is the Barbour Rain Mac Wax Jacket,” she says. “I love the longer length and versatility. I can see myself wearing this piece all Fall in the city as well as during weekend escapes to the country.”

She wears Atlantic Pacific and is a big fan of our Barbour Autumn Crew Neck.
In New York’s Flatiron District, she wears the Barbour Cropped Border Wax Jacket, another wax jacket inspired by the iconic Border Jacket, along with the Barbour Felted Fairisle Crew.