Top Knitwear Trends of 2023

Top Knitwear Trends of 2023


Knitwear is ubiquitous in the world of fashion, largely due to its versatility and timelessness. The cosiness and warmth of a woollen cardigan or jumper makes knitwear particularly popular in the colder months, but thinly knitted garments can be seen throughout the year as an extra layer of comfort or as a fashion accessory.

Classics such as the cable knit sweater are always trending, but how do they adapt to stay fresh year after year? Join us as we discuss fashion-forward thinking in the world of knitwear, as we bid farewell to the knitwear trends of 2022 and welcome the arrival of the knitwear trends of 2023.

Women’s Knitwear Trends for 2023

Chunky Knits & Oversized Jumpers

In 2022 we saw the rising popularity of chunky but cropped knitwear. However, in 2023, we’re seeing a rise in chunky knit jumpers and oversized jumpers. When oversized is pulled off correctly, the style can create a comfortable and flattering fit.

Finding the right balance between oversized and flattering can sometimes be a difficult task, but the Barbour Burne Cape offers just that - the perfect balance. The long length of the jumper is complemented by the side split hems on either side. Whilst the cable knit panel design offers added texture to create a subtle visual appeal, the jumper is finished with a roll neck which is an extra nod to the chunky knit trend.

In a colour contrast to the dark navy Barbour Burne Cape, the cream Sandwood Knit embodies the classic timelessness of a cable knit jumper. Chunky cable knits were created out of practicality but remain popular because there is something traditionally elegant about them. The Sandwood Knit draws on both functionality and style. A ribbed roll neck adds extra warmth, whilst the patterned knit detailing works to add varying textures to the jumper for visual appeal. 

Varied Textures & Colour Schemes

One of the emerging knitwear trends of 2023 is amplifying the visual aesthetics of classically designed jumpers with different textures and colours. In women’s knitwear, these effects are frequently created through the use of subtle or small details that bring together a piece. 

The Saunton Knit jumper is the perfect example of this trend. A contrasting colour block design across the hemline, sleeves, neck, and one shoulder creates an intrigue that is neither too dramatic nor too subtle. This is additionally complemented by contrasting horizontal and vertical knit patterns, and decorative buttons across the left shoulder. This non-uniform and asymmetrical design makes it a perfect, on-trend jumper that can be worn through the cold and mild seasons of 2023.

All Season Knitwear

Having a wardrobe full of items that can be worn in any season is becoming increasingly popular. To build a versatile year-round wardrobe, it is advisable to own no more than 50 items of clothing, meaning that items must be carefully selected to create a varied yet compact wardrobe. On the back of this, the knitwear trend emerging is thinner knit jumpers and cardigans in solid colours that aren’t perceived as seasonally restricted. 

For example, where beige and orange are thought to be autumnal colours, blue and green tones are usually thought of as more versatile. Despite its name, the Winter Mariner Knitted Jumper can be worn at any time of the year and is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. The dark navy colour allows it to be seamlessly paired with the more neutral tones of your wardrobe.

Additionally, the thin knit finish paired with a boat neckline makes it ideal for layering in colder months, or as a stand-alone piece during the milder days of spring and autumn. Subtle by design, this is a perfect knitwear choice for your wardrobe. If you’d like to go a step further into the year’s trends, the Winter Mariner Knitted Jumper is also available in a beautiful rose quartz pink colour. Pink is set to be a trending colour of 2023, and the lighter hue makes for easier pairing with varied colour schemes such as greys, whites, and pastel tones.

When considering a piece that will accentuate your outfit or complete a well-rounded look, a knitted cardigan can be an excellent choice. The Theodore Cardigan may be just the thing to inspire your wardrobe, keeping in theme with current trends whilst drawing on classic designs. The dropped shoulders and V-shaped neckline allow for a relaxed fit that can add that finishing touch to your existing outfit, while the dark tones of the fern leaf colour perfectly complement common wardrobe colour schemes such as blacks, whites and creams. The cardigan can be worn either buttoned up or down to create a stylish-slouchy look, depending on your preferred style, which adds to its versatility.

Men’s Knitwear Trends of 2023

Whilst the above trends don’t strictly apply to women’s clothing, nor do the below trends solely apply to men’s clothing, some key knitwear trends are emerging in menswear that differ from all-season knitwear and chunky knit jumpers.

Bold Colour Choices

Men’s clothing is often characterised by darker colours and monochromatic palettes. Often, splashes of vivid colour might be seen in men’s coats but tend not to be seen elsewhere. In 2023 there is a trend of introducing bolder colours to outfits, and knitwear is a popular way to do so.

The Avoch Half-Zip in a beautiful deep bordeaux red is the perfect pop of colour to brighten up an outfit. Since the introduction of bolder colours is a new knitwear trend for 2023, the jumper can be worn without the need to invest in more items of clothing as it can be easily paired with a pair of black or blue jeans. The adjustable half-zip and cuffed sleeves create a more flattering silhouette in line with contemporary styles, whilst the signature Barbour tartan elbow patches offer visual intrigue.

Half-Zip Sweaters

Building on from this, the simple but effective half-zip sweater is a trend in its own right. Bold colours aren’t for everyone, some feel most comfortable in darker colour schemes. But a half zip can give you more control over your outfit. 

The Barbour Cotton Half-Zip makes for an ideal choice for those who prefer to stick to dark colours. The signature ring puller can be adjusted to conceal or reveal a classic tartan lining in the inner placket which adds extra flair to the style. The streamlined fit allows the sleeves to be rolled up so that a contrast of colour can be created using a long-sleeved shirt underneath, as well as adjusting the puller when required.

Investing in a half-zip jumper can add to the versatility of your wardrobe, and it’s clear to see why this is a trending choice for 2023.

Modern & Unique

Men’s knitwear can sometimes be subject to a lack of update that may not fit the needs of modern gentlemen. This year, we’re seeing a resurgence of knitwear in men’s fashion which is branching out into different styles beyond classic winter looks. There are some crossovers between the knitwear trends of men’s and women’s clothing - and the preference for varying textures mentioned prior applies to menswear too. 

The reason for the popularity of this trend is that by combining textures, there is a visual aesthetic created that meets the needs of contemporary fashion. The appeal of the knitwear is still present without it being overpowering or alluding to outdated styles. Instead, mixed textures create a balance which offers versatility and fashion-forward thinking. The Barbour Croome Knitted shirt perfectly demonstrates this trend.

The Croome Knitted Shirt is where traditional meets modern, with a knitted back and a nylon quilted front panel in a contemporary vision. This two-toned overshirt can complete any outfit, as the lay flat collar keeps the fit relaxed whilst also offering a flattering silhouette. A small contrasting embroidered logo and button-down style bring the jacket to a well-balanced finish that embodies many of the key knitwear trends of 2023; uniqueness, modernity, texture and colour blocking. 

Stay on-trend with Barbour knitwear

Constantly changing fashion trends make keeping your wardrobe up-to-date challenging at times. This is why all our clothing is created with Barbour’s iconic timeless design features in mind, meaning that you can always stay on trend.

Whatever your style, our wide range of knitwear for men & women allows you to find suitable pieces for your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for bold colours, staple layering pieces, or something out of the ordinary, find your signature style at Barbour.

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