The Best Walking Boots of 2023

The Best Walking Boots of 2023


For those who like to walk or hike in their spare time, the winter weather can sometimes be off-putting. Although the trees are draped with glistening white snow and the crisp air has a comforting touch, the thought of slippery ice and unstable ground can make a walk a daunting experience. With the right footwear, there’s no need to be kept indoors by the colder grasp of winter.

First and foremost, when choosing a pair of walking boots, you need something that is comfortable. Secondly, you need something that is durable, supportive and has a strong and sturdy grip. Finally, you need a walking boot that you like and that reflects your own personal style. 

Here at Barbour, we understand these needs and cater to those who love to adventure in the great outdoors, no matter the weather. If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes suited for outdoor adventures, keep reading our guide to discover the best Barbour walking boots.

What is the difference between walking and hiking boots?

People often use the terms walking boots and hiking boots interchangeably to describe their footwear. However, there are differences between the two. The key difference is the style of the boot, with hiking boots tending to be heavier with a thicker sole to enhance durability and support when hiking over rough terrain. On the other hand, walking boots are more lightweight and suited to established trails over easier terrain and make a great option for daily walks. Many people find walking boots more comfortable as the lighter weight will not tire out the legs as much.

Both hiking boots and walking boots should offer a good amount of water resistance to combat unfavourable weather conditions, but considering the length of your walk and the terrain you will be walking on should help you decide which is best for you. In most cases, it’s best to have a pair of each at the ready.

What boots are comfortable for walking?

At Barbour we understand that to enjoy a walk, you need to be comfortable in your footwear. Not only do our walking boots offer ample protection against the elements, but they are designed with the wearer in mind. We’ve compiled a list of our best walking boots to start 2023 in premium style with optimum comfort.

Best walking boots for men

The Macdui Boots are an impeccably stylish choice that perfectly complements any man’s winter wardrobe. The leather exterior provides protection against rain and snow, whilst the faux-fur lined interior adds comfort and warmth. The sturdy rubber sole is designed for durability, allowing a good amount of grip on slippery surfaces whilst supporting the foot. The elasticated knitted ankle not only provides some aesthetic detailing but also allows freedom of movement and support of the ankle. Additionally, the boot is styled with embossed branding at the heel for an iconic Barbour finish.

The Davy Boot is a great option for true nature lovers. The dark brown leather reflects the deep brown hues of the mighty trees that withstand the harsh winter, this is perfectly complemented by the rubber sole which mimics a wood pattern to create extra grip on icy surfaces. The darker colour scheme of the Davy boot is great for pairing with various winter outfits, improving its versatility. Additionally, the angled ankle design offers comfortable support, whilst the leather lace-up exterior works to keep water out, making this an all-round fantastic option for daily walks. 

Acting as a midway point between a walking boot and a hiking boot, the Malvern boot is an excellent choice for avid walkers. The boot is lightweight to avoid the legs becoming tired quickly, but the sturdy sole with added grip makes it better suited to rugged terrains that don’t always follow an established path. The breathable material of these boots promotes air circulation whilst acting as an insulator to keep warmth in and moisture out. The Malvern boots come in a sleek black and khaki colourway with a grey logo, perfect for pairing with your winter clothing collection.

Best walking boots for women

The Ellison Boot is a must-have in any women’s winter wardrobe. Modelled on a classic Chelsea boot, the Ellison has been adapted to better withstand winter weather conditions. The leather exterior keeps rain and snow out, whilst the mesh panels add breathability and aesthetic design that slips on with ease. The durable rubber sole is more robust to avoid slipping, making it perfect for daily winter walks such as the commute to work or in a city centre. The reinforced heel is detailed with embossed branding for further style, where the black colour makes it a versatile boot suited for any outfit or occasion.

The Barbour Meadow boots exude style with their sleek design. With a faux fur lining and leather outer, your feet will be kept warm and dry all day long. The quilted heel with an embossed logo creates a visual appeal that embodies the iconic Barbour style. These boots are designed for walking on established trails, navigating city streets, and facing everyday life in the winter, making them an essential addition to your winter wardrobe.

For more protection against unfavourable weather, the Barbour Spear boots offer a higher frontal piece to prevent unwanted snow and rain from entering the boot. The fur-lined interior offers supreme comfort and warmth on colder days. The boots are finished with two buckled straps drawing on a more classic appeal which is further complemented by the dark brown leather for a more rustic and timeless look. 

Is it better to walk in boots or shoes? 

Deciding whether to walk in boots or shoes is dependent on your personal preference. In cold weather, waterproof walking boots are usually a more suitable option as they are better equipped for the conditions. Boots are more likely to keep your feet dry and warm, and usually have better grip when walking on snow or ice. 

Generally, walking boots also have much better support for your ankles and reduce the risk of any injuries associated with lack of support. Though if you plan to walk only on gritted pathways and established trails, walking shoes may be a suitable option too. 

Find your new walking boots with Barbour.

Don’t let the winter hold you back from exercising outdoors, just make sure that you have all the right equipment including a warm coat, hats, gloves and scarves. Finally, personal style is always an important factor when thinking about which boots to buy. If you’d like to see more of what Barbour has to offer, you can browse our full Weather Comfort collection for more inspiration.