Nautical Collection: The Dorset Coastline with Arran Witheford

Nautical Collection: The Dorset Coastline with Arran Witheford

The Dorset Coastline with Arran Witheford

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Arran is a travel and landscape photographer who has traversed the globe capturing stunning shots of exotics places. Driven by his passion of discovering the unknown, he makes the most of the craggy Jurassic Coast, Dorset, where he is based. Taking pictures of his local area is one of his great loves, and he aims to make his images feel accessible and like every destination is just around the corner…

Building a career in photography.

When I was around 12 years old I got my first camera. It was an old Canon but I loved taking it out and about in my local area and capturing pictures of things I saw every day, but had maybe taken for granted before. I still have it on my shelf to this day as a reminder of where it all started and just how much I love my job.

From that old Canon to now, I’ve really honed my craft. I believe that since I got my first drone, my landscape photography has developed into a style that is instantly recognisable – especially on social media. I only really shoot in low light conditions like sunrise and sunset as I love the softer effect it gives my images.

Developing a unique style.

I have always been a fan of @donalboyd’s editing style. He’s an unreal wildlife photographer and seeing how he handled the natural landscape really inspired me to find my own aesthetic within my drone images.

Homegrown, British photography.

 I love capturing the coast. It can always look   different depending on not just the time of day, but   also the changing conditions – and of course in   Britain that can happen quickly and frequently!   Choppy waters to perfectly flat, zero winds to   super-low fog – it never disappoints and it’s   always  super exciting.

The Jurassic Coast is one of the craziest   coastlines in the UK so it’s definitely my favourite – and it’s my neck of the woods too! I also get a real  buzz out of photographing Cornwall and the Lake District; both have been incredible as they’re such wonderful areas of natural beauty.

 Taking to the water.

I grew up on boats and have always lived by the sea, so focussing on the coast was a no-brainer for me. If I’m not out taking pictures on clifftops or the beach, I’m usually getting slammed by the waves attempting to surf! Being in the water leaves me completely care-free and relaxed – it's a beautiful way to live.
The fact that I’m only a few minutes away from the ocean will always be a massive part of my life – I couldn’t imagine living landlocked in the middle of a country. Everything is so much better on the coast – the air, the vibes, the photography!

Finding the perfect shoot outfit.

It’s important that I choose the right clothing when I’m off exploring the coast. I need to feel warm and comfortable and be ready in case the weather turns. Autumn is perfect for the Tay Nep Crew Neck Sweater as it keeps me super toasty from the winds. The Rathlin Waterproof Breathable Jacket is great – superlight and waterproof so it’s ideal for coastline hopping! The Belford Brogue Boots are insanely comfortable and have good grip on the  cold winter mornings.

 And what does the future hold?

 There are definitely some countries I’m keen to   visit and shoot. New Zealand, Hawaii and the   Azores are high on my list at the moment.

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