Barbour X Engineered Garments AW21

Barbour X Engineered Garments AW21

We’re proud to unveil this season’s Barbour X Engineered Garments collection, which explores our iconic quilting, reinventing this signature style into a contemporary range that’s sure to turn heads.

Engineered Garments, established in 1999 by Japanese designer Daiki Suzuki, was born out of a love for American workwear and traditional construction techniques with a Japanese aesthetic. Blending this cool, modern style with Barbour’s rich heritage has created a collection with the best of both worlds.

Discover more about the jackets in the collection below, alongside a Q&A with Engineered Garments founder Daiki Suzuki.

Barbour x Engineered GarmentsBarbour x Engineered Garments

Barbour has been making quilted garments for more than fifty years, and this lightweight, yet warm jacket style has been reimagined by Engineered Garments, bringing a modern twist to our popular quilting.

The jackets in this collection focus on Barbour’s signature quilts. How has Engineered Garments adapted this iconic style?

Daiki: Stayed with the original material and pattern of the quilting jackets and brought in some EG taste into the designs. I just took the best part of both to create something new.

How did you blend Barbour’s country heritage with Engineered Garments’ contemporary engineering?

Daiki: Combining Engineered Garments’ experimental fit and designs with Barbour’s tradition with the idea to recreate iconic styles.

Barbour x Engineered Garments

One of the stand out pieces in the collection, the Loitery Quilt is an elegant, single-breasted jacket with all the features you’d expect from a Barbour quilt including a corduroy collar, with tailored kick pleats which are also featured on our well-loved Liddesdale Quilt and Bedale Waxed Jacket.

The Pop Quilted Vest gives the collection a playful touch and is a highly recognisable style from Engineered Garments, reinvented with the Barbour quilting. Perfect for layering in the autumn-winter season, this utility vest features a central pocket and shoulder straps.

Barbour x Engineered Garments

What is the stand-out piece in the collection, and why?

Daiki: Shallow Shawl quilt. This is a true EG design piece, just in the traditional Barbour quilting material. Looks cool but you need to use your brain to wear this item and that’s why I love this challenging piece.

Barbour x Engineered GarmentsBarbour x Engineered Garments

Discover more about the exciting collaboration here, or shop the collection to upgrade your wardrobe this autumn/winter.