Barbour Coastal: The Adventure Continues with the Twins That Travel

Barbour Coastal: The Adventure Continues with the Twins That Travel

Barbour Coastal Collection: Sun, sea and the Twins That Travel
spring summer 2019

Day 2: The Adventure Continues

If you followed us here from our previous post, you’ll know that we were in the midst of a great adventure with our dreamy destination duo, ‘Twins That Travel’ — aka sisters Claire and Laura. We were all set for another day of coastal discovery, and so once more we hopped into our nostalgia-fueled motor and set course for the second leg of our northeast road trip.

Nevermind the Rain

April showers spattering our hotel window, it was another blustery spring day on the North East coast. Opting for the lightweight and waterproof Barbour Abrasion jacket and the cosy Barbour Fleetwood Wax, we felt well-prepared for the rain as we piled back inside our Morris Minor. Now lovingly referred to simply as ‘Morris’, we were happy to be on the road again in our vintage ride.

Our first stop of the day was to a picturesque cove further up the coast. Situated on the Scottish borders, visiting the small fishing cove also meant that we were able to cover two countries on our road trip; hopping over into Scotland for just the morning.

Piscary Charm

Our Barbour Freya Stripe and Shirtstripe Wrap scarves billowing in the wind, we peered down at the picture-perfect beach, just a short 45 minutes drive later. With sea-blue fishing boats bobbing in the dock and a few remote cottages scattered around, this beautiful spot was a definite highlight of our trip (despite the unseasonably wintery weather).

Scoop on the Sand

The clouds finally beginning to clear — warm spots of sunlight forcing their way through the clouds — we decided it was time to head to the final destination of our North East road trip: returning to the famous Bamburgh Beach. The ideal location to enjoy a sunny afternoon, we were eager to get there for an ice cream and long, blustery walk.

Beachy Keen

The sand as golden and soft as we remembered it, we made our way through Bamburgh’s dunes and onto the vast expanse of sand; where sea and sky seemed to meet. Alive with walkers, over-excited dogs and colourful kites, Bamburgh Beach was picture-perfect that day.

Framed by the famous Bamburgh Castle, a once Norman stronghold, this was an impressive beach to walk across — the Farne Islands (home to puffins and seals) visible just across the water. Settling on a worn bench — and now thankfully warmed by the spring sunshine - we were even brave enough to take our jackets off; Laura’s Applecross dress blending in perfectly with the blue and green of the dunes.

All Good Things

As the sun began to drop in the sky, it was time to say our goodbyes to the beautiful rugged coastline and golden sands of the North East coast. With salty, tangled hair, we wrapped our Barbour jackets tightly around us as we made our way back to the Morris Minor — one last drive ahead of us.

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