Hidden Gems of the Cromer Coast with Laura Jackson

Hidden Gems of the Cromer Coast with Laura Jackson

Hidden Gems of the Cromer Coast with Laura Jackson
autumn winter 2019

There’s something magical about a day at the seaside. The bracing breeze, smell of salty air and the distinctive soundtrack of gulls, glee and crashing waves all coming together in a sensory experience that stays with you no matter how far life takes you away from it.

In honour of this thoroughly British habitat, we accompanied the tv-broadcasting, lifestyle-writing (and enviably stylish), Laura Jackson, on a day trip to the beautiful Cromer; to find out about her exciting career, along with her opinions on our new AW19 Coastal Collection and what she believes makes the perfect day on the Great British coast.

Life, Camera — Action

I always wanted a job where I could talk to people, be creative and have fun! I’ve wanted to work in TV for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I worked at Shoreditch House on the reception where I met a guy who introduced me to a TV agent. They sent me to a screen test to get some feedback and I got the job – it was like it was meant to be.

I get such a buzz out of presenting, I love to interview people and find out about their life. I am really a nosey parker! I love telly and watch pretty much everything! Maybe not good on the old eyes but hey ho!

The Great British seaside with Laura Jackson

By The Seaside

When I’m not working, I love to come to the coast. There really isn’t anything like the British seaside; the smell, the people, slot machines and arcades to fish and chips. Brits will get into the sea no matter what the weather — I love that! I’ve been on the beach eating an ice-cream in the rain before, and no one bats an eyelid. Then as soon as a little bit of sun appears, we are all half-naked — aren’t Brits brilliant?

The Perfect Beach Day

If it’s hot, a day on the beach, sunbathing and frolicking in the sea — not forgetting the ice cream. If the weather isn’t as nice, a long walk followed by a seaside pub lunch and a glass of red is just the thing.

The Great British seaside with Laura Jackson

The Great British seaside with Laura Jackson The Great British seaside with Laura JacksonThe Great British seaside with Laura Jackson

Cromer’s Highlights

The fish and chips here are amazing! I think I had one of my favourite fish suppers at here: meaty white fish and thick crispy vinegary chips — heaven. And of course, the lighthouse which is absolutely beautiful.

Top Tips for All-Weather Style

Easy, wearable layers are what you need for the coast. Clothing that’s lightweight but can prepare you for all weather conditions. I love a more muted palette, opting for greys and blues.

On the Coastal Collection

I love the Dovecote Bucket Hat and the Weatherly Coat. The hat is perfect for all weather conditions, and everyone loves a bucket hat! The jacket is warm, lightweight and is exactly what you need for an autumnal day on the coast.

Styling it Out

The coastal weather is unpredictable, so you need a coat like the Weatherly with you at all times. It’s so easy to roll up if the sun does come out, but let’s face it, it’s England and you will probably need it to keep you dry. I love the coastal collection stripes and easy to wear shirts – comfortable but stylish.

The Stokehold Shirt is great too; tucked in or out of the jeans. If it’s tucked in, it would look lovely with a belt. And I love the jumper over the shoulder and tied in a knot.

Closing Advice

To all the aspiring writers, presenters and editors out there: go for it! You have to be prepared to work really hard, try and carve your own path, and never ever give up!

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