Best Men's Barbour Winter Jackets 2022/23

Best Men's Barbour Winter Jackets 2022/23


With the colder seasons quickly approaching, it’s time to prepare our wardrobes for whatever winter has to throw at us. Whether you’re a lover of the cold and like to get out on long walks, or you prefer to stay wrapped up and out of the winter weather, being comfortable throughout the season is essential to enjoying winter in your own way. Whilst simple, being comfortable in the cold can seem like quite a daunting task as it can be easy to wear too many, or too few layers, especially with the unpredictable nature of the British weather. 

Our guide to winter jackets is here to ensure that you’re perfectly prepared for every event of the season. Whether it be lightweight gilets and waterproof jackets for the transitional months, durable padded parkas to prepare you for the cold, or the ideal all-rounder that will see you through the season and well into spring, Barbour’s collection of men’s winter jackets is sure to inspire you to find the missing piece in your seasonal wardrobe - keep reading to discover our best men’s winter jackets of 2022.

Casual winter coats for men

Looking for something that will hold up against the winter weather as well as the trending styles of the season? A casual winter coat from Barbour is the perfect go-to piece that will complete any outfit, providing a statement to your look as well as comfort and protection from the elements.

When choosing a casual winter jacket, you should always consider how this will pair with your existing wardrobe, after all, this is likely to be the jacket that you reach for most often when in need of a lighter layer. At Barbour, we have a range of casual jackets and coats in a variety of silhouettes and colours - you’re sure to find the perfect style to slot into your winter wardrobe.

If you’re searching for something more contemporary, the Barbour Selby offers a sleek and stylish profile. This fashion-forward style is available in two contemporary colours and is a great option if you’re in need of a lightweight weather-resistant jacket to see you through winter and well into the summer months. The Selby’s breathable mesh lining and signature coating provides protection against winter showers and makes layering a breeze, perfect for everyday winter wear.

Lightweight winter jackets for men

At Barbour, we believe that the key to any good winter wardrobe is variety. Whilst big parkas and heavy quilted coats have a rightful place in any man’s wardrobe, lighter weight jackets can often be forgotten about and are in fact a staple for ensuring you remain comfortable and appropriately layered all season round.

What makes a Barbour gilet an essential piece in your winter wardrobe is its versatility. Not only can gilets be used for adding extra thermal protection on the coldest of days, but they are also an ideal lightweight layer for the transition between autumn and winter - perfect for layering with a zip-up fleece for a casual, everyday outfit. 

The Barbour Bretby Gilet is the ultimate lightweight option that can be effortlessly styled over a jumper or fleece, under a larger coat or easily stored in a bag when preparing for a long day out. The Bretby’s baffle quilting and fibre down filling makes for exceptional thermal protection without the need for a bulkier style. Equal in style and practicality, this gilet is available in three signature Barbour colours and features a two-way zip closure, complete with a simple Barbour logo to maintain an understated look. 

Best winter jackets for men

All of our Barbour’s coats are designed with style and functionality in mind, and every one has a unique feature that makes it a great addition to your winter wardrobe, whether it be padding for warmth, a shower-proof coating to keep you dry, or a lightweight design for ease of carrying. However, if you’re looking for one jacket that we believe is the best all-rounder, look no further than a Barbour waxed jacket.

A wax jacket ticks the box for functionality, durability and design, offering effortless style and function to any outfit. Our signature wax coating makes these coats weather-proof and thornproof, making them the perfect companion for whatever the winter season throws your way. 

For a lightweight option, the Barbour Classic Durham Wax Jacket is a great choice for any man. Popular not only for winter, but year-round wear, this jacket offers resistance to the elements whilst delivering the classic Barbour look. The Durham boasts a relaxed fit which makes it an ideal option for layering in the colder months and features an adjustable drawstring waist for versatile styling. What makes this jacket the perfect all-round winter jacket is its adaptability - featuring adjustable cuffs, a built-in hood and interactive zip that is compatible with Barbour’s additional zip-in liners, this jacket is a great all-in-one solution for your winter jacket needs.

The best winter coats for men

Whether you’re looking to add a simple lightweight layer to your winter wardrobe, or are in need of a durable coat that will keep you comfortable in even the harshest of weather, we have everything you need in the range of men’s winter coats from Barbour. Discover classic country styles, featuring gilets and wax jackets, as well as contemporary takes on traditional silhouettes with our range of parkas and quilted jackets.