Barbour Stormforce Collection

Barbour Stormforce Collection


Celebrating our origins in outfitting sailors, trawlermen and longshoremen who worked on and around the North Sea, the Stormforce collection updates this heritage to make sure the foul weather doesn't hinder your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Encompassing robust, water-resistant jackets, versatile overshirts and timeless fisherman's jumpers, the collection is designed to offer a variety of ways to layer up against the unpredictable weather. Delivered in an easy-to-wear colour palette inspired by the moody colours of the North Sea, textured fabrics like corduroy and waxed cotton highlight the rugged nature of the collection.


For milder days out or relaxing weekends at home, you'll also find laid back striped t-shirts and half-zip sweatshirts inspired by classic continental nautical wear. No matter what your day holds in store, you can be prepared for the weather with the Barbour Stormforce collection.

Defy the weather in style: discover the Barbour Stormforce Collection today.