Top Hiking Tips with All Terrain Collective @allterrain95

Top Hiking Tips with All Terrain Collective @allterrain95


Discover hiking collective All Terrain’s top hiking tips and tricks for capturing great content on your adventures, as we join them on a hike across the northern landscape. Find out more about where they went and what they wore below. 

Tell us a bit about yourselves and what you do

All Terrain is an outdoor collective aiming to maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle in the outdoors. Exploring urban and rural environments to push the boundaries of our photography, finding daring and undiscovered locations throughout the UK, and eventually aiming to move our endeavours abroad to create an international movement.  

North Yorkshire Wood Cabin Camp  
Catbells Sunrise Hike  
Milican Caves

We aspired to keep the content close to our All Terrain roots, focusing on dramatic, undiscovered landscapes, whilst at the same time incorporating the traditional Barbour style. Taking the gear into a combination of locations that it is perhaps not always intended to be used in. Contrasting the ruggedness of the outdoors with the smart and sleek style of Barbour. 

What is it about exploration and adventure that you enjoy so much/what draws you to it? 

Solitude, time alone in your thoughts really helps to learn a lot about yourself. Creates a resilient mindset and motivates us in other aspects of life. Designated time spent with the group, helping to inspire creative thinking. 
Why do the hills and landscapes of the Northeast stand out to you? 

We enjoy discovering new landscapes and getting to places that others recognise as difficult. Creating a scenic backdrop for pictures as well as probing discussions amongst our community. 

We’re intrigued by the development overtime of geographic history, and the formation process. We’re keen to identify key geographical features.  

What are your favourite key hiking spots? 

We began our adventures in the Lake District and coming from Manchester the ease of access is undefeated for us. Allowing regular adventures in a plethora of low-key and unexplored locations. Aside from the popular mountains, we are working our way through the wainwrights and have an upcoming expedition across Buttermere and Ennerdale forest, an area that we have discovered to behold the most untouched beauty in the Lake District.  
3 tips for beginners:  

Safety - Gear - Timing 

Familiarise yourself with the countryside code. 

Check the weather - the last thing you want is to get caught up in a storm.  

Always over-layer - when hiking, it’s far easier to remove layers to cool down than it is to warm up with insufficient layers. 
Stay within mobile phone service - if anything goes wrong it’s good to be able to call for help. 

Of course with experience, we strive to find places with no phone service and never shy away from a weather forecast. 

3 essential Items: 

Windbreaker - a jacket to keep the elements of your dry layers. Even on a warm day, a waterproof is essential.

Flask - there is never a hike where we are without a cup of tea. The bigger the flask the better, brews all around. 

Sunglasses - necessary for watching the sunrise and set. An essential part of the outfit when creating content.  

Gloves - even on the warmer days, touching the stone and scaling peaks, your hands quickly become cold. 


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