Barbour Quilt for Life

Since 1979, Barbour has had a long and loving relationship with quilts. Lightweight, practical, warm garments, they are easy to wear whether it’s city commuting or country dog walking.

Our Quilt for Life repair service carried out at our factory in South Shields, gives new life to your quilted jackets so they last for many more years*. If it's wax repairs you're after - discover our Wax for Life service here.



Learn more about our quilt repair service


If your favourite Barbour quilt is looking a little careworn and has a rip or a tear or needs a new zip or studs, we offer a special service through our factory team in South Shields to restore and renew your quilted jacket so you can continue to wear it with pride. And, while it’s with us, if you would also like it refreshed, we offer a cleaning service so your jacket can return home looking as good as new. This service is currently for UK only.

*Please note that our comprehensive quilt repair service is for Barbour quilted garments only. The majority of quilt repair services are possible on diamond and baffle quilt styles. Where possible, we will also repair your onion quilt, however, please note that these are more complex in construction so cannot always be repaired to the same level. Please read our terms and conditions linked below before ordering.


How it works


Step 1: Place your order on our website - Select the Quilt for Life repair service you’re looking for and place your order, using this link.

Step 2: Send us your quilted jacket – After ordering, you will receive an email confirmation with further instructions. Once received, please package up your jacket carefully and send it to our factory. Please ensure all pockets are emptied and any harmful substances removed.

Please address your parcel to: Quilt For Life Department, J. Barbour and Sons Ltd. Simonside South Shields, NE34 9PD

Step 3: We’ll give your jacket some TLC – We will aim to complete your jacket within 35 days. If it’s a patch repair you need, there may be some instances where we cannot repair your quilt with a close enough colour/material match. If this is the case, your jacket will be returned to you without repair. Please read our Ts&Cs for more details.


Identify your quilt


Diamond Quilt

Our most common style is the diamond quilt, so named for the diamond-shaped stitching. 


Onion Quilt

A little more rare! Our onion quilts have a distinct curvy pattern to the stitching - kind of like the root vegetable. 

Baffle Quilt

Keeping us on the straight and narrow is the baffle quilt. Neat, horizontal lines all the way. 

The history of Barbour quilts


Step into the past

Our quilted jackets are a firm favourite here at Barbour, and second only in reputation to our waxed jackets. Warm, yet lightweight, this staple style is equally at home for country pursuits, as it is for the hustle and bustle.

Learn more about the history of this beloved style below.

1979 - The quilted jacket with its distinctive diamond outer and cord collar. was first introduced. Originally known as the Countryman, it was developed as a lightweight, practical, warm garment that was easy to wear.

1994 - The name was then changed to the Liddesdale, named after the Liddesdale Vallery in the Scottish borders and became a bestseller with both rural and urban appeal.

1999 - "rustic" and "black" colours were added to the existing navy and olive range.

2007 - The ladies' Liddesdale jacket is introduced. 

2013 - By 2013 there were 18 different Liddesdale styles on the website.

2024 - We're celebrating 30 years of the Liddesdale jacket. Today, there's a whole range of quilts to suit everyone; from the classic Barbour Liddesdale to the more fashion-focused styles. 

Shop Barbour quilts


  1. Modern Chelsea Quilted Jacket
    Modern Chelsea Quilted Jacket
    From £219.00
  2. Cavalry Polarquilt Quilted Jacket
    Cavalry Polarquilt Quilted Jacket
    From £169.00
  3. Ashby Quilted Jacket
    Ashby Quilted Jacket
    From £199.00
  4. Bowhill Quilted Jacket
    Bowhill Quilted Jacket
    From £179.00
  5. Flyer Field Quilted Jacket
    Flyer Field Quilted Jacket
    From £249.00
  6. Gosford Quilted Jacket
    Gosford Quilted Jacket
    From £149.00
  7. Flyweight Chelsea Quilted Jacket
    Flyweight Chelsea Quilted Jacket
    From £149.00
  8. Summer Beadnell Quilted Jacket
    Summer Beadnell Quilted Jacket
    From £159.00
  9. Tarn Liddesdale Quilted Jacket
    Tarn Liddesdale Quilted Jacket
    From £149.00
  10. Reil Quilted Jacket
    Reil Quilted Jacket
    From £159.00
  11. Utility Liddesdale Quilted Jacket
    Utility Liddesdale Quilted Jacket
    From £169.00
  12. Baston Liddesdale Quilted Jacket
    Baston Liddesdale Quilted Jacket
    From £199.00
  13. Annandale Quilted Jacket
    Annandale Quilted Jacket
    From £119.00
  14. Liddesdale® Quilted Jacket
    Liddesdale® Quilted Jacket
    From £115.00
  15. Highcliffe Quilted Jacket
    Highcliffe Quilted Jacket
    From £189.00
  16. Tarn Liddesdale Quilted Jacket
    Tarn Liddesdale Quilted Jacket
    From £149.00
  17. Gosford Quilted Jacket
    Gosford Quilted Jacket
    From £149.00
  18. Newton Quilted Jacket
    Newton Quilted Jacket
    From £159.00
  19. Modern Liddesdale Gilet
    Modern Liddesdale Gilet
    From £119.00