How to Measure a Dog for a Coat

How to Measure a Dog for a Coat


No matter the breed or character of your dog, your loyal companion deserves the absolute best you can give them. For many of us, treating our dogs well means taking them on plenty of walks to give them sufficient exercise, as well as providing them with a healthy diet and making sure they have a good selection of toys. While this is an excellent start and a sign of a great dog owner, making sure dogs stay warm and protected from poor weather and cold conditions while they are on a walk should be an additional priority for owners, but this can often be overlooked. 

If you’re looking to treat your dog to a comfortable dog coat or jacket, we would recommend measuring them before you make a purchase to ensure this fits them correctly. Generally, a well-fitting dog coat allows for complete freedom of movement while your pup is busy exploring the outdoors - whether this is during a day at the beach or while on a short walk. Alternatively, a dog jacket can also be worn around the house to add a cosy layer if they get cold easily or the temperature drops. 

If you have never measured your dog before, our step-by-step guide on how to measure a dog for a coat will tell you everything you need to know about sizing your dog correctly. With additional information about the Barbour dog coats available and the measurements of these, we will make it easy for you to find a comfortable, stylish and hard-wearing dog coat that is right for your loyal companion in no time. 

How to measure a dog for a coat step-by-step

Below we’ve compiled a complete step-by-step guide on how to measure your dog to find the right size dog coat. Follow the steps below and make sure you have the necessary equipment required to ensure you accurately size your dog to find a coat that will keep them feeling comfortable and looking stylish, no matter what their daily routine entails.

Equipment Needed to Measure Your Dog: 

  • Pen and paper (or the notes app on your phone)
  • Standard tailor’s tape measure

Step 1: Once your dog is standing on all fours ready to be measured, (try enticing them with a treat or toy if they struggle to stand still) the first measurement you will need to take is their length. To do this, take the tape measure and use this to measure the length between your dog's neck (from where their collar sits if they wear one) and the base of their tail. As a general tip, Barbour size guides use centimetres as their unit of measurement, so we recommend writing your dogs’ measurements down in this format to make it easier once you come to purchase your dog coat. 

Step 2: Next, you’ll need to measure the mid width of your dog. For a Barbour dog coat, the mid width refers to the entire top side of the fabric. This is the part that will be securely fastened to your loyal companion with a comfortable strap when they wear the coat. To measure this, measure the top width of your dog’s middle, from rib to rib. Again, since the units on the Barbour dog coat size guide are taken in centimetres, we advise noting your pups’ measurements down accordingly. 

Step 3: Depending on the shape of the dog coat that you’re looking to buy, you may need to measure the full length of your dog from the front centre of their chest to the base of their tail on the underside. On the Barbour dog coat size guide, this is called the tab to cheek length and is applicable for most coats that fasten across the front of the dog.

Step 4: The final measurement to take before starting your search for a new dog jacket is sizing up the underside of your dog. Again, this measurement is only necessary for dog coats that fasten with a buckle or strap in the same way that theBarbour coats do. For this measurement, use the measuring tape to find the underside mid width of your dog. This is effectively the opposite of the top mid width measurement from Step 2.

Barbour dog coat sizes

Designed to be luxurious, comfortable and durable, the sizing of our dog jackets can be seen in the comprehensive dog coat size guide illustrated below. 

Featuring a versatile range of sizes that vary from XS to XXL, using this simple guide to find the perfect coat size for your dog, no matter how big or small, is an easy and straightforward process.


How to choose a dog coat

With a simple measuring system in place, arguably the hardest part of finding the perfect dog coat for your pooch is choosing the right style. Crafted with a wide range of patterns and designs, at Barbour, we have a full selection of stylish dog coats to choose from. However, if you’d like some additional inspiration while you’re deciding on a dog coat, take a look at some of our most sought-after styles below. 

Barbour Dog Coats

At Barbour, we offer two main styles of jackets for dogs - waxed and quilted. Both iconic Barbour designs that are world-renowned, each comes with their own unique features and benefits. We outline this below:

Barbour Wax Dog Coat

The Barbour Waxed Dog Coat in Olive is a creative reimagining of the classic Barbour waxed jacket, allowing you to match with your dog. Designed with a wide range of practical and hard-wearing features, this classic Barbour dog coat includes a durable waxed outer to provide lasting protection from the rain. The coat also features a cotton tartan liner for extra warmth on chilly days. Finished with additional detailing that includes a stylish corduroy collar and signature Barbour branding, this weatherproof dog coat is not only perfect for strolls during unpleasant weather or low temperatures, but for adding a stylish touch to your dog’s attire too.

Barbour Quilted Dog Coat

The Barbour Paw-Quilted Dog Coat in Olive provides a charming look for your pooch, while offering the benefits of warmth and weather protection too. Offering a playful pup-appropriate take on our signature quilting, this smart quilted dog coat features a traditional corduroy collar and is complete with Barbour branding on the side for added style. Whether you’re heading on a long or short walk, the underbody buckle strap and velcro collar ensures that the product stays securely fastened to your dog throughout.

Need some further inspiration? Take a look at a broader selection of best-selling Barbour dog coats as we highlight their distinctive features and timeless designs. 

There's no doubt splashing in muddy puddles and walking in the rain are a pup's favourite activity, but we're sure the clean-up after isn't yours. The Barbour Monmouth Waterproof Dog Coat has been designed to allow your four-legged friend to enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather while keeping them protected from unexpected downpours. This lightweight design features a quick-release buckle fastening and includes a harness hole to all you securely attach their lead. Perfect for keeping your canine companion looking stylish and dry on the dampest of days.

Searching for a more distinctive quilted style? Boasting a bold leopard print all over its quilted design, the Boulevard Quilted Dog Coat ensures even your pup is on-trend, this season. Perfect for giving your canine a stylish look when out on their favourite walk, this jacket is detailed with a secure buckle fastening to the underbelly and a velcro fastening to the collar.  Complete with a timeless cord collar and the ability to easily attach a dog lead, this luxurious but functional dog jacket provides an iconic option from the collection.

Want to dress your dog in some classic country-style attire? Look no further than our tartan packable dog coat. Featuring a classic tartan design, this smart and tasteful piece allows your dog to look the part while staying warm, with the convenient addition of a packaway bag to the reverse in case of a change in the weather. This showerproof layer is great for providing weather protection and is finished with a charming hood for a playful yet practical finish.

Whether you’re searching for an additional layer to place under a dog jacket during especially cold temperatures, or you’re simply looking for an alternative to a dog coat to keep your canine cosy, browse the features of two of our sought-after products from the range of Barbour dog t-shirts and hoodies below.

Barbour Striped Dog T-Shirt

Treat your pup to a taste of luxury with this super soft and cosy dog t-shirt. Featuring a playful striped design and detailed with logo print to the reverse, this dog tee is the perfect option for pampered pooches of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for something suitable for your dog to wear around the house, or you’re searching for an alternative to a dog coat for walks when the weather is calmer, this style was made with elite comfort in mind to suit all activities. 

B.Intl Logo Dog Hoodie 

Searching for a more casual piece for everyday wear? Designed with authentic Barbour international branding across the back, this logo dog hoodie is a playful piece that is suitable for anything from daily walks to lounging at home. Providing the ideal piece for your pup, this simple and versatile dog hoodie also features a hood to provide extra warmth when it’s needed.

Discover Dog Coats and Jackets at Barbour

Ready to order your dog a comfortable coat in the perfect size? Head over to our collection of Barbour dog coats and jackets, where you will discover a large selection of sought-after styles and colours to find the perfect design for your pooch.

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    Tartan Dog Coat
    From £44.95
  2. Quilted Dog Coat
    Quilted Dog Coat
    From £44.95
  3. Wax Dog Coat
    Wax Dog Coat
    From £44.95
  4. Quilted Dog Coat
    Quilted Dog Coat
    From £44.95
  5. Packable Tartan Dog Coat
    Packable Tartan Dog Coat
    From £49.95
  6. Monmouth Waterproof Dog Coat
    Monmouth Waterproof Dog Coat
    From £47.95
  7. Tartan Dog Coat
    Tartan Dog Coat
    From £44.95