Spring-summer Styling with Aimee Croysdill: Q&A

Spring-summer Styling with Aimee Croysdill: Q&A


It's all about the jacket this spring and creating a transitional wardrobe to take you from one season to the next. The Barbour womenswear collection promises everything you know and love about us but with a fashion edge.

To celebrate the spring-summer launch, we've collaborated with celebrity stylist Aimee Croysill. She's handpicked a selection of pieces from the new range for the perfect buy-less, wear-more wardrobe. Denim, gingham and corduroy included.

She also sat down with us to talk all things fashion—strap in for her spring-style masterclass.

You’ve just selected your edit of the new Barbour womenswear collection – tell us what your wardrobe essential is for this spring-summer. 

My go-to item this summer is a sandy-coloured trench. It’s the perfect way to elevate a look and layer lightly on warmer days and nights. It can transform any simple look into a sharper more put-together look.


Tell us more about your job as a celebrity stylist. What is your most consistent source of inspiration? 

Women are my consistent source of inspiration. Style comes from within and I work with some incredibly talented and inspiring women. They’re my biggest source. I bounce off them and their minds. Also my daughter! She has the coolest style, her favourite colour is black!

Do you style by intuition or with a lot of planning and research? 

Some days you just know and have an idea in your mind. Other days I need to be prompted by the archives or just the runway images. Pinterest at this point is my best friend. Also, I love TAGWALK, a search engine for fashion.


When you get a brief from a client, where do you start and what is your process? 

I start with the conversation with the client. How they’re feeling in that time. Sometimes that’s a nod to their character from the show or film they’re promoting or it can be just a feeling. From there my mind normally whirls with ideas and visions. Then me and my wonderful assistant Prue Fisher reach out to the designers and ask if they’re able to lend.

Sometimes they can’t because they’re doing trunk shows or they’re reserving looks for ambassadors. There are lots of factors you have to navigate your way around until you find the options that fit your vision. Once we’ve ’called in’ lots of looks from designers we’ll do a fitting in my studio and then go from there. The final decision is always collaborative.


If you had to choose one styling tip that everyone should know, what would it be? 

Tailor your clothes. Make small tweaks to perfect that garment. It makes all the difference. Also when something feels tired send it to the dry cleaner. Give it a new lease of life.

You’ve had a varied career working with a lot of notable celebrities – is there a standout career moment that you are most proud of? 

My first Met Gala with Nicola Coughlan. Everyone on Nicolas's team feels like family. It was all our first Met so felt very special.


As a stylist yourself, what is your day-to-day uniform? 

I love an oversized blazer or trench coat with an oversized t-shirt dress or jumper dress with fun shoes or boots. I really do have a uniform/capsule wardrobe going on.


If you were creating a capsule wardrobe, what three key pieces would you include? 

Blazer, trench and high-waisted tailored trousers.


What is one head-to-toe look you think will never go out of style? 

A full suit. It will forever be timeless no matter what cut it is. There's nothing more chic and effortless than a woman in a brilliant suit.

Discover more about Aimee's edit here, or shop New Arrivals for the latest of Barbour womenswear.

  1. Bowhill Patchwork Denim Mini Dress
    Bowhill Patchwork Denim Mini Dress
    From £149.00
  2. Greta Showerproof Trench Coat
    Greta Showerproof Trench Coat
    From £239.00
  3. Drummond Waxed Jacket
    Drummond Waxed Jacket
    From £249.00
  4. Bowhill Patchwork Denim Mini Skirt
    Bowhill Patchwork Denim Mini Skirt
    From £89.95
  5. Ingleby Showerproof Trench Coat
    Ingleby Showerproof Trench Coat
    From £329.00
  6. Bowhill Patchwork Long-Sleeved Denim Shirt
    Bowhill Patchwork Long-Sleeved Denim Shirt
    From £99.95
  7. Kelburn Waxed Jacket
    Kelburn Waxed Jacket
    From £309.00