Barbour Dog Walking Outfit Ideas

Barbour Dog Walking Outfit Ideas


Come rain or shine we need to be prepared to take our canine companions for their daily exercise. In the warmer months, this can be a truly enjoyable experience for both parties, but on colder days humans might not look so favourably on walks. The key to a successful dog walk is making sure that you are prepared for all weather eventualities. In this post we’ll be sharing both summer and winter dog walking outfit ideas, as well as our range of dog walking accessories that will add an element of style to your routine.

What should you wear to walk a dog?

There aren’t any rules when it comes to dog walking outfits, so you never have to sacrifice your personal style. However, there are definitely a few essential items that we would always recommend keeping in your wardrobe to cater for the different seasons. The first of these would be a waterproof jacket as the British weather can be a little bit unpredictable. You could opt for two jackets, a lightweight fit and winter-ready staple so that you’re always one step ahead of the weather. You might also want to consider keeping a pair of walking shoes or wellington boots by the door so that you’re prepared for muddy days and long walks - especially if you have a high energy breed.

Dog walking outfit ideas for men

No matter whether you’re going on a dog walking date, or if you’re just looking to stay on-trend and comfortable during the duration of your walks, there are many options available which are both practical and unmatched in style. We’ll talk you through two outfit ideas that you can layer or build upon to suit your preferences throughout the year.

Dog walking outfit for summer

During the sun-soaked summer months you may wish to forgo the dog walking jacket for something more lightweight. On the hottest days, a t-shirt and shorts combination will do the trick. However, it is still important to protect yourself against the sun’s harsh rays, especially on long walks. You can do this by utilising a cap, that way you not only protect your head and eyes from the sun, but you also add an extra layer of style. We recommend the tartan crest sports cap which features an embroidered standout logo and an adjustable strap. To complement the navy hue, we’d also suggest opting for a similar coloured t-shirt such as the Bonnington polo shirt, made from soft cotton and featuring a blue and white colour scheme which is ideal for the hotter days.

Shorts are an essential summer staple, we’d suggest using a neutral beige or cream such as the City Neuston shorts which boast a sophisticated style and refined look. These shorts also feature both front and back pockets to store your phone, wallet, treats and dog waste bags, so they’re as practical as they are suave.

Finally to bring the dog walking outfit together, you’ll need a pair of sturdy and comfortable summer shoes. To match the overall colour design of the outfit, we highly recommend the smart yet casual Hardy shoes. Boasting an attractive navy and brown contrasting colour pattern with a branded white sole, the shoes perfectly incorporate the rest of the colours used in this outfit to bring the whole look together. Exuding premium style and quiet luxury, this is an ideal summer walking outfit.

Of course, we can’t forget about our faithful furry friend. To create a matching ensemble, you may wish to use the leather dog collar and lead. The collar is secured with a brass-effect metal buckle where the lead can be attached using a sturdy metal fitting. Additionally, both pieces are created using genuine luxury leather which is tough and durable as well as stylish in design. If your dog or puppy is more of a puller when on the lead, you can opt for the travel and exercise harness which is unmistakably Barbour with its distinctive tartan pattern. The padded chest ensures your pup is kept comfortable whilst the harness can be clipped to a dog lead or seat belt attachment for safe travel.

Dog walking outfit for winter

A signature jacket will be the first thing that most people grab when it’s time to head out of the door, and we’d highly recommend the classic Bedale wax jacket for use in the winter. Not only is the design emblematic of Barbour’s iconic look, but it offers robust weather protection with its Sylkoil coating and sit down collar. Additionally, when worn unzipped, the jacket showcases a classic tartan lining for an authentic and heritage-rich look.

To add an extra layer of warmth and comfort, and further enhance that heritage tartan style, pair the jacket with the Eden regular tartan shirt. The cotton blend gives a soft feeling against the skin, and it can easily be layered for use in different outfits throughout the year, a perfect versatile addition to your wardrobe.

When it comes to the bottom half of the outfit, we’d recommend sticking with darker colours for dog walking to make any mud or dirt less visible and to create a well-rounded everyday look. The Neuston essential chinos in navy make a great option, expertly crafted in a stretch-cotton twill for long-lasting durability and comfort. To complete the look, pair the chinos with the Sonoran boots which are firm and supportive as well as robust, making the boots well-suited for long walks in a variety of settings.

During the winter, your pup might also benefit from a little bit of extra weather protection. To bring some more style to your outfit and match with your dog, try the Matt wax dog coat which is secured with a waist buckle and velcro around the neck. This dog coat features the classic corduroy collar, Barbour branding and is finished with a heritage wax coating. For added fun, you could also choose to bring along a dog toy to throw or reward good behaviour. Keeping in theme with the outfits, we’d recommend the duck dog toy. Finally, perhaps the most essential item of all, never forget your dog waste bags that can be held in our tartan dispenser which will fit perfectly in the pocket of your Bedale jacket, or sit securely attached to your dog lead.

Dog walking outfit ideas for women

For ladies who like to look their best no matter what the day brings, there are plenty of suitable outfit options to cater for even the coldest winter months as well as the heat of summer. We also provide the perfect dog accessories to give your pets an extra layer of protection and allow them to match your style.

Dog walking outfit for summer

The final outfit idea is colourful, casual and chic. It is suited to hot summer days where not a cloud in the sky can be seen. Whilst this outfit is excellent for any summer outing, it really comes to life in a relaxed beach setting or coast to coast walks. 

A summer hat is essential for protecting your head and hair against the harsh sun, and you can create the perfect laid-back bohemian look with the Flowerdale trilby hat which features a crochet style pattern and unstructured brim. The neutral earthy tones bring a splash of colour whilst working perfectly with the woven polyester to create a light and airy feel. The hat is completed with a braided leather headband with Barbour branding for added flair. 

Another summer essential, the Lyndale t-shirt draws inspiration from the colours of British seaside towns and brings them together in an alternating striped pattern. The top is made from soft cotton in a relaxed fit, complete with side vents at the bottom seams to increase ventilation which helps to regulate body temperature.

To ensure the perfect contrast and balance for visual aesthetic, pair the lighter top half with dark denim shorts. This follows the same principles as the winter outfit, but adapts them into suitable summer attire. Naturally, summer outfits have less storage options and many rely on the use of a bag. However, with a five pocket design on the Maddison shorts, there’s plenty of room to carry dog-walking essentials such as dog bags and treats. Additionally, the belt loops can be used to clip your dog lead for keeping your dog close during hands free walking or for storing the lead when walking off leash. 

The Darla trainers make the ideal finishing touch, bringing in that iconic Barbour quilting by stitching the white leather side panels. For contemporary styling, the trainers feature a flatform sole and a subtle contrasting heel and tongue which help to transform basic white trainers into something more expressive and intriguing. 

Finally, we’ll need to keep our dogs as cool as possible on hot summer days. To do this, you might wish to opt for light colours which reflect heat instead of absorb it. For dogs that walk better with a harness, the taupe/pink tartan harness is a great choice as it features a supportive padded chest plate, but leaves the sides and back free of material to improve ventilation. Alternatively, for dogs that walk better using a collar and leash, you have the option to use this same iconic tartan pattern to keep your dog looking and feeling their best on sun-soaked days.

Dog walking outfit for winter

Despite its name singling out the summer, the Summer Liddesdale Quilted Jacket is an ideal choice for dog walking in all seasons. We prefer to use it in the transitional periods between autumn and winter, and winter and spring, because it eliminates the need for layering. However, on colder winter days the jacket can bring a bright burst of natural colour to an otherwise grey and gloomy landscape, you just need to utilise long-sleeved layers for optimum warmth. The quilting of the jacket provides a padded warmth and creates a dynamic diamond pattern for visual appeal. It is completed with embroidered branding on the deep pockets, perfect for keeping your belongings secure or for easy access to dog treats when needed. Additionally, the jacket features the signature contrasting corduroy collar which is complemented with expert tailoring from the shoulders down to give a flattering feminine silhouette.

In keeping with the theme of seasonal versatility, we’d suggest pairing the jacket with the marine shirt. In contrast to the Liddesdale, the shirt is cut to a relaxed fit and made of breezy linen. So if walks suddenly become too hot in that transitional period between autumn and winter, you can simply remove the jacket to cool down in a lightweight long-sleeve shirt. Alternatively, on colder days you can wear the marine shirt on top of a white t-shirt for extra warmth. The lightweight material allows you to build these layers without feeling restricted in movement, allowing you to stay comfortable whilst walking.

When it comes to the bottom half of the outfit, a simple pair of slim jeans does the trick. Comfortable to walk in, the dark denim provides a striking contrast to the lighter colours of the shirt and jacket, and the use of different materials and textures creates a perfect balance. Dark slim jeans are also a way to assemble a timeless casual look which helps to retain warmth by absorbing heat in the winter.

To round off the ensemble, opt for a sturdy pair of boots that will protect against winter weather. The Nina boots offer comfortable support and ample grip through the low cleated heel and ridged outsole. Expertly crafted using 100% leather, the Chelsea style boots are designed for durability and can withstand lengthy walks for high-energy dog breeds as well as providing a stylish option for days out with your pet, whether that be exploring the city or taking a stroll along the riverside. The boots feature embossed branding on the sides and a metal plaque on the heel strap to give an authentic and distinctive Barbour appearance.

To make sure that your dog matches your level of style and warmth, opt for the quilted dog coat in olive with the iconic corduroy collar and a secure waist buckle fastening, your pup will be protected from winter rain or light snow, and will have padded warmth. This is perfect for breeds that aren’t naturally suited to arctic winter temperatures. To complete the dog walking attire, you may wish to choose a matching tartan collar and slip lead which dotes on classic countryside Barbour heritage and keeps your dog secure during on-leash walks.

Discover stylish dog walking outfits and accessories

Whether you’re looking for a dog walking jacket, contemporary accessories for dog walking, or further outfit ideas, Barbour has both you and your beloved dog covered. Experience the expert craftsmanship of Barbour and explore the British countryside in style with our clothing, footwear, and accessories.

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