Barbour Wax For Life

When you buy a Barbour, you’re investing in a companion for life. Something to be passed down the generations, picking up patches and stories as it goes. There’s no throwing away or falling apart here. Instead, we offer three unique services to keep your jacket working year after year.


Repair and Re-wax

Send in your Barbour to be lovingly restored by our craftspeople in South Sheilds. Whether it’s refreshing the wax finish or repairing wear and tear, we’ll get it looking like itself again.

Wax Care Kits

From our original formula Thornproof dressing to the new Lightweight wax bar, find everything you need to start sprucing up your wax jacket at home.

Re-wax It Yourself

One for DIY? You can also use one of our home care kits to restore your waxy companion to its former glory. Check out our step-by-step guides below.

Re-wax Your Classic 6oz

One of our oldest and most-loved wax weights. While naturally hardwearing, it will love you for even longer if you give it a re-wax every year.

The 1921 Catalogue

Extending the life of your jacket for over 100 years. It was in 1921 that Malcolm Barbour introduced our re-waxing and repair service.

Re-wax Your Lightweight 4oz

At around three-quarters of a classic Barbour weight, this resilient finish will weather even better with a little TLC.

Share your wax story

Every jacket has one. Whether you’re re-wearing your Grandad’s Barbour or breaking in a new one, share your story using #BarbourWayOfLife to see yourself here.


Begin your journey

Explore our collection of waxed jackets including our classic Bedale, Beaufort and Beadnell, to find the perfect style and to begin a wax journey for yourself or a loved one.

  1. Classic Beaufort® Wax Jacket
    Classic Beaufort® Wax Jacket
  2. Ashby Waxed Jacket
    Ashby Waxed Jacket
  3. Classic Beadnell® Wax Jacket
    Classic Beadnell® Wax Jacket
  4. Ashby Waxed Jacket
    Ashby Waxed Jacket
  5. Beadnell® Waxed Jacket
    Beadnell® Waxed Jacket
  6. Classic Bedale® Wax Jacket
    Classic Bedale® Wax Jacket
  7. Beadnell® Waxed Jacket
    Beadnell® Waxed Jacket
  8. Beadnell® Waxed Jacket
    Beadnell® Waxed Jacket
  9. Corbridge Wax Jacket
    Corbridge Wax Jacket
  10. Beadnell® Waxed Jacket
    Beadnell® Waxed Jacket