How to Prepare for a British Staycation

How to Prepare for a British Staycation

with Sarah-Jane (aka Just a Little Build)

From the coast to the countryside, Britain is bursting with postcard-worthy places, making staycations an ideal way to spend quality time with family and friends. With warmer weather rolling in and our new Summer Shop collection launching, we turned our attention to planning the perfect trip and asked Sarah-Jane (aka Just A Little Build) to help create this fun-filled guide, where she tells us how to prepare for a British staycation with the family, along with her expect staycation packing tips!

Sarah-Jane and family wear the Summer Shop collection while on their great British staycation for a bbq on the beach

What are some of your favourite places to visit in the UK, as a family?

Some of our favourite places to visit in the UK as a family are; Cornwall (both Matt and I grew up holidaying there as children with our respective families so it's very special to us), the Scottish Highlands and the New Forest. They all have their own beauty.

Cornwall's beaches are some of the best in the world, the Scottish Mountains offer so much drama and majesty and the New Forest has real charm and character with the animals roaming freely.

How do you plan the perfect family trip away?

Preparation is key! Research the region you are staying in to find out what is within the surrounding area, for example, the local attractions, beaches, activities, restaurants, beauty spots etc and plan what you need to take to enjoy these whilst on your trip.

We like to have a planned agenda for our stay, but we find it's always a good idea to be flexible with it! A lot of what we do is often influenced by the weather so a “go with the flow” attitude is most favourable when planning your daily activities.

What makes a British staycation so special?

Finding things you didn't expect to find on your doorstep in the UK, the ability to take all of the family, including the dogs, and to be able to invite friends and family to come and visit you whilst on your staycation.

Sarah-Jane and family wear the Summer Shop collection while on their great British staycation at the beachSarah-Jane packs the SS21 Womens Summer Shop collection in her Leather Explorer bag

When it comes to packing, what’s in your suitcase?

We wouldn't be without a good camera! We like to take as many photographs as possible whilst on our trips away as we love to look back at the images to relive our memories. Photo books are a great way of producing coffee table memory books for all the family to flick through and to enjoy.

A picnic blanket and a good flask (plus lunch box/bag) are essential as you never know where you might want to pull over in the car at a beauty spot for a tea break with a view!

Why is quality time away with the family so important to you both?

It is important to get away from the everyday. Put the screens down, turn off the television and let the kids adventure in the outdoors. Whether it is climbing the trees, wading in rivers, playing in the sand or swimming in the sea, it's these simple pleasures that our kids love. And for us, it's about making memories with the children and losing the distractions of everyday life.

What are your top staycation packing tips? How do you pack for all occasions?

Consider the weather and plan for the best but prepare for the worst! Always pack a lightweight waterproof! And make sure you've got at least one outfit you are happy to wear out in the evening for dinner.


What do your dogs usually get up to on a British staycation?

They love to smell new smells! Sky, our Border Collie, loves to chase the shadows of seagulls across the beach! And both dogs love to swim in the sea. They love the new adventures and new environments as much as we do.

Why is it better to slow down and take the scenic route?

You never know what you're going to find! You need to put yourself out there to be able to find new and interesting places. It adds to the mystery and adventure for the children. To have no set agenda is one of the real freedoms of a staycation.

Sarah-Jane and Matthew wear the Summer Shop collection while on their great British staycation at the beachBarbour Cascade holdall with the Barbour Capstan boat shoes

How do you stay entertained as a family on a trip? Which are your family’s favourite games to play during the long summer evenings?

As a family, we enjoy toasting marshmallows around the fire pit in the evenings. Whether it's during the summer months or the winter months, as long as it's dry, we will be outside! Evening walks to watch the sun setting are an absolute favourite of ours when down in Cornwall by the coast. The colours, the atmosphere, the sounds of the sea all add the magic. Occasionally, we might hunker down for a 'family movie' night with a bucket of popcorn and some chocolate!

How do you live the Barbour Way of Life when you go away as a family?

Being outdoors is something we all relish. Taking in the beauty of our natural surrounds and being able to do so in the company of each other, makes it all the more special. Stepping away from the hustle and bustle and from the stresses of modern-day life have a hugely positive impact on us all. But it's also about living life to the full and appreciating that the simplest things can often give us the most joy.

What do you think of the new Summer Shop collection?

Something for all the family and for every occasion. A lot of the items work together to create multiple outfits which helps to reduce the amount of clothes you need to pack and also makes outfit building that much easier. Our children loved their Barbour sweaters and t-shirts - they were comfortable and 'cool' all at the same time!

Why is this collection perfect for a Great British staycation?

So many of the items are flexible so that you can dress them up or dress them down. You can wear them to the beach, on a walk or to the local pub/restaurant for dinner. In the quest for comfort and practicality, style is not compromised. There is a lot of attention to detail with the finish of products - for example, tops feature a side button detail, the bags have a patterned internal lining and sweaters have detailed embroidery.

Matthew and family wear the Barbour SS21 collection for their great British staycation at the beach

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