Barbour Christmas: Heirlooms with Olof Nithenius

Barbour Christmas: Heirlooms with Olof Nithenius

Heirlooms with Olof Nithenius 
autumn winter 2018

To mark this year’s magical Christmas film where a Barbour jacket is passed down from father to daughter, we asked lifestyle blogger, Olof Nithenius, to tell us more about family heirlooms and why he thinks they are the perfect gift at Christmastime…

Christmas is such a special time of the year, because it’s one of the few rare times when things should be very slow and traditional. We live in a time where everything is spinning faster and faster; we are connected and available all of the time. Christmas is wonderful as it allows a few weeks every year where we get to calm down, spend time with family and friends, unplug the wire and do as we have always done during this festive time: relax, enjoy, contemplate and round off the year.

I have always loved Christmas; the cosy decorated homes, the scent of spices and food, a sparkling fire and lots of time with the family. During the holiday I prefer to dress casual, comfortable and yet elegant. When I look back, I can’t think of any Christmas for a long, long time where I have not worn my trusty waxed Border jacket from Barbour during a stroll at the countryside with the family.

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For me, a Barbour jacket is similar to Christmas; it’s timeless & classic. The best thing is that it ages with beauty as well. I personally think that the older my Barbour gets, the better.

It has a story to tell, with the many times of re-waxing leaving a characteristic scent in our hallway where it’s hanging. All the rips that it has weathered during the years have been carefully repaired at the Barbour factory (yes, I send my jacket for a service, just like my car).


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My son is still young and thankfully doesn’t care much about what he is wearing at the moment, but I know that the day will come sooner than later when he will be looking for his own jacket for life. If he would carry and wear my old Barbour jacket and enjoy it, I would be very proud. Being able to offer him a unique jacket, with a story and proud heritage is something very special that money can’t buy. I have often this in mind when I buy goods and, as often as I can, try to choose the best quality that will last for a long time and hopefully can be worn by my son in the future if he wants.

Thankfully there are many years left until he’s old enough to be handed my jacket, so when we are sitting on the sofa under a cosy blanket, watching The Snowman and waiting for Santa I might sneak a gift under the Christmas tree with a children’s Barbour jacket inside for him. They are so cute, and I can´t wait to share my love of these wonderful jackets with him as he grows…

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