#BarbourDogs: Meet Cooper of Game Fair in Berwick-Upon-Tweed

#BarbourDogs: Meet Cooper of Game Fair in Berwick-Upon-Tweed

28 february 2018
This season we're continuing our series of blogs where we meet the dogs of some of the UK's best independent stores. We recently headed to Game Fair of Berwick, to discover more about Cooper's role in store...
Introduce yourself and tell us what breed you are? Woof!! - Oh, you mean in human talk…..Hi! I’m Cooper, and I’m a cross between a Poodle and a Bichon Frise. Some people say I’m a ‘Poochon’ but I don’t like that as it doesn’t suit my rugged, macho image.

Tell us about your store? My store’s great, it’s called Game Fair and it’s based in the coastal town of Berwick-Upon-Tweed in the beautiful county of Northumberland. We’re a small family run business, you know, the type of place everyone knows my name. It’s really friendly and its great when my human friends come in to see me because if I sit and look at them lovingly, they give me treats and cuddles - I’ve trained them well!
What makes your store unique? Easy question…...It’s me! Well, me and the rest of the team. We know we’re so lucky to live in such an amazing part of the country so we’re passionate about getting everyone outside enjoying it. We can help you with the best dog walking beaches, the best fishing marks for the kids and the warmest pub fires to curl up in front of after a fun day of adventure in the countryside.

What is your role at the store and what does that involve?
I have 2 main roles:
Firstly it is to greet everyone who comes to see me (what I’m really doing is checking them out for treat’s but no one has realised that yet), and secondly, I’m Director of Interaction.
I actively encourage stroking, patting, cuddling and playing. I know I’m really doing my job well when my human friends are down on the floor next to me, scratching my belly - That’s job satisfaction.

Who is your human and what is their role at the store? My BFF is Louise and she’s owned the store for 4 years now.  She’s so lucky as she gets to spend everyday with me. We play this really fun game where I take something off the shelf then we run around with her chasing me for the next 10 minutes, it’s so funny! She thinks she’s got me trained, but it’s the complete opposite, I have her wrapped around my little paw and I know I’m one spoilt little pooch, but don’t tell her I said that!

What is your favourite part of the store and why? Either my Barbour dog basket as its so comfy and the ideal place to chill out after a long day helping or up on Louise’s knees as I can see what's going on and I get to play on her computer. I also know that the treats are kept up there so it’s the most lucrative position in the shop for me!

In your down time from helping at the store, what do you most like doing? I love long Sunday walkies along the River Tweed watching the Salmon fishing, or a good run out on the beach; followed by a beef dinner at my local…….Its a dogs life but someone’s got to do it!
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