A Look at the Iconic Ashby Barbour Jacket

A Look at the Iconic Ashby Barbour Jacket


A contemporary take on the iconic Bedale jacket, the Ashby jacket has quickly become a quintessential part of the Barbour waxed jacket collection. Emblematic of the classic Barbour style, the timeless Ashby is an ideal year-round garment.

Taking an in depth look at the features and history of the Barbour Ashby Jacket will showcase its uniquely iconic nature. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the Ashby jacket, as we share our knowledge of what has made this style so well loved by Barbour wearers for years.

Is the Barbour Ashby Jacket Warm? 

The Ashby jacket is the ideal piece to face the cold as the versatility of the jacket allows the wearer to add an optional liner or hood. In addition,it also offers strategically placed, moleskin lined pockets to warm the hands. This makes the Ashby a great everyday choice to cater for different temperatures.

Is the Barbour Ashby Jacket Waterproof?

The waxed cotton material offers resistance to the rain with its naturally water-repellent properties. However, whilst the jacket provides substantial protection against the rain, it is not fully waterproof. A detachable hood can also be added to increase water resistance and protect against showers.

Are Barbour Jackets durable?

Barbour Jackets have always been designed to withstand the elements of British weather. Created to be durable, functional, and fit for purpose to enjoy an outdoorsy lifestyle, the waxed jackets are naturally one of the most durable. 

Barbour jackets are often passed down through the generations due to their high quality production and design. When looked after properly, a Barbour waxed jacket can last you a lifetime. The oldest one in our archives dates back to 1910, and is still in excellent condition.

Reusing a garment and extending its lifecycle by properly caring for it allows you to get much more use out of your purchase. Naturally, the Ashby jacket will age and show wear through the years, but we are able to offer a repair and re-wax service to extend the lifespan of your jacket, including in-store and at-home re-waxing

What are the features of a Barbour Ashby?

The Barbour Ashby jacket offers a more tailored fit to create a modern silhouette, while retaining all of its classic features but with a contemporary feel for the modern gentleman. 

Sylkoil Waxed Cotton: Constructed with our oldest and more traditional waxed cotton, natural imperfections are reflected in the rich variations of colour over time, giving the jacket more character doting on its heritage. 

Original Classic Tartan Trims: Again reflecting Barbour history, the first Barbour exclusive tartan is featured in the Ashby. Creating stylish detail and adding unmistakable authenticity.

Corduroy Collar & Cuffs: The Ashby exhibits a smaller sit-down corduroy collar which creates a more modern look. The subtle yet charming collar is perfectly complemented by corduroy accented cuffs. The sleeves on the Ashby jacket are slightly longer than other jackets to allow the sleeve to be worn upturned, if required. 

Zip Liner: The Ashby jacket features an inner zip to attach a liner, allowing for an extra layer of warmth and increased weather resistance. This makes the jacket more versatile and suitable for the different seasons.

Does the Barbour Ashby have a hood?

Whilst the Barbour Ashby does not come with a hood, the modernised collar features hidden studding to allow for the addition of a hood. Detachable waxed cotton hoods compatible with the Ashby are sold separately to the jacket and attached by press studs. 

It is recommended to purchase a detachable hood alongside your jacket to allow them to age at the same time. 

What is the difference between Barbour Ashby and Barbour Bedale? 

As the Ashby is a reimagined version of the Bedale, there are notable similarities. Alongside this, there are distinct differences. The length of each jacket is a key differentiating factor, as the Bedale offers a shorter length and has more of a boxed design emblematic of its equestrian roots. The Ashby jacket is longer, and tailored to fit the taller gentlemen which offers a more modern and on-trend look. There are also more versatile features such as adjustable sleeves and collars to compliment the modern silhouette.

What to wear with the Barbour Ashby Jacket

The beauty of this jacket is that its classic design with a contemporary twist allows it to be a versatile option that can be paired with a variety of outfits. Perfect for casual wear, this jacket looks great with jeans, a pair of trousers or chinos. Depending on the season, wear with a t-shirt or flannel shirt for a comfortable fit. 

For an everyday look, taking in the considerations of modern trends and the darker tones of the jacket, the Ashby looks great with regular fit jeans and a chequered shirt, such as the Barbour Lutsleigh Shirt.

Barbour Ashby Review

Even with our styling recommendations, there are no rules to abide by and no strict trends to follow when it comes to the Barbour Ashby jacket. Time and time again, the effortless style of the jacket leads the way, offering wearers a coat that will stand the test of time. Just take a look at what people have to say.

“Smashing jacket which I have really enjoyed wearing. It's my second jacket, first one being the Sapper, which I use for work. I wanted something smarter with a tailored fit hence the Ashby.” - Nick B.

“The quality of this jacket is outstanding!! I bought it for my husband and he is beyond pleased!!” - Lesley B.

“I was very pleased with my purchase. The jacket came very quickly and the images online accurately represented it in terms of colour, proportions etc. It fits really well and the quality is excellent. I’ve worn it a few times already and fits well ranging from just a shirt underneath to a thick wooden sweater. Practically it’s pockets are generous for everyday carry items.” - Steven J.

“As expected, unique quality, strongly recommend. The fit is slightly larger than expected, but allows for several layers so helpful.” - Antoine A.

“Bought to wear when walking out in the woods. Looks great and keeps you warm and dry. Good fit roomy enough for a jumper underneath. Might have to send for a liner though to complete the look.” - Elaine S.

Discover the Ashby Jacket at Barbour

For the fashion-conscious gentlemen, the Ashby jacket is an ideal option. Whether you’re looking for modernity or functionality, this versatile jacket offers both. Choose between three different colours, including navy, black, and olive. Customise how you see fit with optional detachable liners and hoods. This robust jacket is ideal for everyday use.

It could only be Barbour.

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