Weather Comfort: Q&A with Sculptor and Photographer ‘Bobbi Mac’

Robert McGuinness, Sculptor and Photographer, reveals his top photography tips and why a practical wardrobe is essential for his creative work.

February 21st 2017
The SS17 Weather Comfort collection encompasses practical design based on our iconic Barbour jackets, we visited the Peak District with Sculptor and photographer, Robert McGuinness of ‘Bobbi Mac’ as he trialed the collection. Robert tells us more about himself and how he plans to stay dry behind the lens this season. 
 Robert wears the Barbour Nimbus Waterproof Bomber Jacket, Barbour City Nueston Chino Trousers and Barbour Men's Bede Wellingtons.
What’s your profession?
I am a lecturer in 3D Sculpture but enjoy all aspects of creativity. Photography is a big creative outlet for me but is currently a part time activity (although this seems to be changing!) 
How did you get into photography? 
I developed an interest in photography whilst studying at art college.  Sculpture is my main discipline and photograph played an important part in researching new ideas for sculptural work.  When I needed inspiration I would go out with my camera and shoot anything that I found interesting, usually natural forms and the landscape.  
What is the best part of your job?
I enjoy being creative and going on the hunt for new and interesting imagery - it’s very addictive! 
Do you have a favourite place or time you most like to capture?
Generally I love early mornings. Typically I like fog and moody stuff but I also like cloud mixed with sun when it creates contrast in the landscape.  I like mountains or any dramatic landscape, fortunately the UK has lots to offer…
What three tips would you give aspiring photographers?
Light (is everything!) composition and subject matter.  Never be afraid to get a little dirty to get the shot.
How would you describe your photography style? 
Moody, peaceful and earthy 
Today you’re wearing our Weather Comfort collection, what do you think of it?
The quality and feel of each item is great, they are exceptionally well made and feel like they will last. I spend a lot of time outside so both protection and comfort against the elements is key.
What brings comfort to you on a rainy day? 
Lighting my wood burner, playing with my two children and good old British Pub food. 
One of the driest spots on earth is inside a Barbour waterproof! How do you prepare for the unpredictability of the British weather when you're shooting?
I check the forecast first! I think living in the UK and in particular when shooting in mountains and hills you need to be prepared as the weather can change very quickly.  I always take a waterproof  coat and wear decent boots.  There is nothing worse than being cold and wet so the right clothing is essential.  
You’ve captured beautiful landscapes and wildlife, is there anywhere in the UK you'd still like to explore?
There is so much of the UK I would like to explore, Scotland is top of my list. I would also like to see more of the Lake District, Wales and Northern Ireland.  I would like to shoot more coastal areas too as I love the sea.  We are so fortunate to have such diversity in the UK packed into a relatively small area.  
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