Weather Comfort: Q&A with Photographer 'What Alex Loves'

A glimpse into the life of Photographer, Alexandra Lhermite-Schwass and her need for Weather Comfort.

February 7th 2017
The SS17 Weather Comfort collection celebrates waterproof clothing and we asked, photographer, Alexandra Lhermite-Schwass of 'What Alex Loves' to trial out the collection in Richmond Park. Whilst we were there we asked Alexandra a few questions about her profession and her need for protective clothing.
How did you get into photography and what’s the best part of your job? 
I have always been drawn to beautiful images. As a teenager I would buy postcards of magnificent landscapes and store them in a box. Later, when I was at university, digital cameras started to appear and I then began to play around with photography. I just love being able to capture forever a wonderful scene, a fleeting moment, a peculiar detail.
You've lived and travelled all over the world, how do you think your travel experience has influenced your photography style?
I think that having been fortunate enough to discover different places and meet new faces has definitely broadened my photography style. From colourful to more neutral tones, from urban architecture to vast landscapes, from people to animal portraits, I like to photograph what I see and go with the flow.
What’s your favourite weather for the perfect photograph? 
I like any kind of weather, except a very rainy day or a very sunny summer day, which generally makes it difficult for me to get good pictures. But I think my absolute favourite weather is a beautiful Autumn day with warm hues and softer light. 
Our Weather Comfort collection is all about protection against the elements, can you tell us about a time where you have been unprepared for the rain?
A few years ago, I discovered the joys of hiking in California. Following this, my husband and I decided to go hiking in Scotland. Stunning scenery, but slightly different weather... I thought I was properly equipped but after a 3-hour hike in the rain, I realised my waterproof gear was not so waterproof after all. I have learned my lesson!
With the unpredictability of the British weather, how do you make sure you're prepared for every eventuality when shooting?
I always make sure to stuff my waterproof backpack with all the clothing I might it warm, cold or rainy. 
Your style is beautiful and bold. What tips would you give aspiring photographers? 
Thank you! Personally, I think it is important to photograph what you love, and try not to be influenced by numbers in this fascinating age of social media. Also, challenge yourself by trying new things and different styles. That is how you learn what kind of photographer you want to become. Have fun with photography! 
 Alexandra wore our Barbour Cirruss Waterproof Jacket.


What do you love most about the pieces you've picked from the Weather Comfort collection? 
I’ve loved being out in my lighter Spring coat; the Barbour Cirruss Waterproof Jacket in red was the perfect match for me as I would describe my style as classic, casual and colourful – it encompassed all of these aspects!
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