Limited Edition Jackets: Customer Memories

Discover the memories attached to some of our customers' Dress Gordan tartan lined jackets.

September 28th 2017
On 12th October, we launch our Autumn Winter 17 limited edition jackets, which will be the first time our iconic Ashby and Beadnell jackets will feature the Dress Gordon tartan lining.
In celebration of the use of the Dress Gordon tartan, which was popular in the 1980’s when we used the check to line our classic jackets, we are taking a nostalgic look back to this time and recounting some of the memories tied up in our customer’s jackets.

Sue Newton, Newcastle

“This classic Beaufort was my very first Barbour, a gift from my parents back in the 1980’s and a faithful companion for many years. I was (and still am!) horse mad and I had wanted a Barbour jacket for some time to wear to the stables, but also to wear on a day to day basis. I was living in London at the time but spent a lot of weekends in the country with friends and going to concerts where it was used as a blanket as much as a jacket. It was the jacket I was wearing when I first met my husband so it will always be special!”

Karin Dover, Durham

“My Barbour jacket is a Gamefair from the 1980’s and was a Christmas gift from my husband for walking my golden retrievers in the beautiful woodland near my home in Durham. Some of my fondest memories are wearing this jacket when out walking with my two daughters when they were small, picking brambles to turn into homemade fruit pies, and the girls feeding the dogs the fruit straight from the bushes.”

Chris Hodgson, Yorkshire

“My Barbour Border jacket has been in the family for so long, it’s getting a bit threadbare now, having been worn for many years and seasons on the farm by both myself and my son Harry – very shabby-chic with that wonderfully unmistakable smell. I’ve learned a lot of what I know about livestock farming in this jacket and it’s seen the family through many lambing seasons.”

Simon Taylor, Hull

“My jacket was a Christmas gift i’ve had for over 30 years and my children always say they can tell where I’ve been by what’s in the pockets. At present it’s sand from a day out sailing. The most exciting memory tied to this jacket is when I received the news that Heritage England were going to support my efforts to save the historic Paull Holme Tower after 25 years of trying.”

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