Highland Days Out – 24 hours in Fort William

In the last of our three-part series, we embarked on an adventure across one of Scotland’s most stunning locations – Fort William.

March 21st 2017
Our Barbour Tartan collection is inspired by our founder, John Barbour, who was born in Scotland. We’re celebrating the launch of the SS17 Barbour Tartan range with a tour of three of our favourite places in the Highlands.
Nearing the end of our unforgettable journey, we woke in high spirits and full of energy. Ready to embrace the final day, and accompanied by tour guides, Scottish travel blogger Laura Brown and photographer Rab Fyfe, we made our way to the first location at the crack of dawn.
Ben Nevis.
9:30am – 1:30pm.
As we arrived at the foot of the mountain, we could see bounds of wildlife, with falcons swooping and diving, and sheep scattered across the hillside. As we ascended, the sun was glistening through the low blanket of mist that fell over the valley, creating the most wonderful vista. 
With every step we took up the rocky footpath, Scotland’s natural beauty became evermore apparent. Rewarding ourselves with a flask of hot tea and delicious shortbread biscuits, we reflected on the morning’s walk before making our way back on a brisk descent. 
Steall Falls.
2pm – 4pm.
Our next destination was just a short drive from Ben Nevis; the beautiful and untouched Steall Falls. Surrounded by trees and gentle streams we set off on foot and scrambled up the trail.
On turning a corner and were greeted by the surprising and stunning view of Glen Valley. The falls crashed down from the beautiful gorge ahead of us, with the sun beaming down across the vast open space.
The Lime Tree restaurant.
 Pictured our Barbour Lamington Top.
After a day of exploring two beautiful landmarks, we were ready for an evening of delicious local food. Set in a charming 1850s’ church manse along the Loch Eil, the Lime Tree was a delightful treat, boasting stunning views across the river. 
The walls were filled with colourful artwork painted by local artists of the surrounding areas. As the log-burning fire crackled away, we chatted to the lovely staff about our day’s adventure. 
After finishing our delicious dishes of locally sourced food, we sipped on hot coffees and spent hours reminiscing about our Highland adventure excited about the photos and memories we’d captured along the way. 
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