Heritage Collection: Q&A with Steve & Alexia Booker

Discover how style meets travel when Steve and Alexia Booker share their favourite items from our Heritage collection.

March 15th 2017
To continue the launch of our SS17 Heritage collection, we caught up with Steve and Alexia Booker for a coffee to learn more about their passions for travel, fashion and their picks from the Heritage collection.
You've both forged a career out of travel and lifestyle writing. Can you tell us a little bit about how you both found yourselves sharing this passion? 
It actually happened pretty naturally. We’ve always captured our adventures through photography and when we started to travel more, we needed an outlet for all of the content and stories we had collected.
Alexia, we'd love to hear more about your lifestyle blog 'Lost Found Keep' …. 
My blog started as a creative outlet from my job as a Project Manager. I’ve always been into Fashion, and so used the blog as a place to document my thoughts about things I’ve seen or were enjoying at that moment in time. It’s now evolved into a fashion, lifestyle and travel blog.
 Alexia wore our Barbour Summer Solway Wax Jacket.
Steve, you were one of the first male Fashion and Lifestyle bloggers. How has the male style industry developed since you started blogging? 
People definitely take the male fashion industry more seriously now. There’s a larger amount people actually documenting male fashion and lifestyle, than when I first started, which I think is awesome.
Steve, how would you describe your personal style? 
Minimal with occasional splashes of colour. A lot of what I wear is inspired by street style, but I like blending higher end items with high street finds.
Tell us about the pieces you've picked from the Heritage collection? 
I especially like the Barbour Camber Wax Jacket. I love it when pieces look good but are comfortable too.
 Steve wore our Barbour Camber Wax Jacket.
And what about you Alexia? 
The Barbour Summer Solway Wax Jacket and Barbour Short Sleeved Polka Dot Shirt are winners for me. They’re classic pieces designed with a contemporary twist, which I think works really well. 
What is your first memory of Barbour? Where did you hear about us?  
It was actually seeing our friend’s Barbour jacket with a Union Jack flag in the lining. It was such an iconic coat and I thought the twist with the flag in the lining was awesome. 
When you’re both out shooting on location, what items could we expect to find in the pocket of your Barbour jacket? 
It would be a phone, trusted lip balm (or lipstick for Alexia) and a charging block is essential on the go. 
What do you love most about the British coastline? 
How it’s so varied! Once minute, you’re walking on a pebble beach, and towering cliffs the next! We love how the weather can change instantly; it’s beautiful if you visit in both summer and winter.
Pictured our Barbour Natalie Cupsole Trainer.
You're both ticking off an impressive travel bucket list! But is there anywhere in the UK you're keen to explore still? 
We would love to explore more of Scotland, the landscape is so amazing and it’s one of those places in the UK which is still pretty untouched.
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