Discover Crufts with #BarbourDogs

We discover the history of Crufts and what you can expect to see there this year.

February 17th 2017
Like Barbour, Crufts was founded over 120 years ago and went on to become a recognised British brand with a love for our four-legged friends.
Crufts founder, James Cruft, began work of the canine variety with an apprenticeship in London, selling ‘dog cakes’, it was during his apprenticeship he was approached to organise the dog section of the Paris Exhibition in 1878.
Following an involvement in a number of other shows, in 1891 the first Cruft's show was booked into the Royal Agricultural Hall in Islington, coincidentally once the home to Barbour’s London showroom.
Taken over by the Kennel Club in 1948, Crufts is the largest celebration of dogs in the world. Whether a working dog, a family pet, rescue, pure breed or crossbreed the event highlights the unique relationships between dog and owner.
 Fun Crufts Facts 
- The first 'best in show' winner was a Greyhound called Primley Sceptre.
- The first show had 2,437 entries and 36 breeds, today 22,000 dogs take part at the event.
- Scruffts was introduced in 2000 to celebrate crossbreeds.
- In 2000 Crufts was streamed online for the first time and became the most watched channel on YouTube in the UK.
This year you can still watch the show live on Youtube, but what else can you see this year at the Birmingham NEC?
Amongst the tail wagging and wet noses you will find the ever popular agility exhibits, plus 'Best In Breed' which concludes in 'Best In Show' on Sunday 12th March.
If you don’t already have a dog, you can head to 'Discover Dogs' where you can find out all there is to know about different dog breeds and which one would make the perfect companion.
But it’s not all about the purebreds – you can find out how to rescue a canine friend with Battersea Dogs and Cats home
Our friends and north east natives, Harrington’s Pet Food, will also be there offering advice from their in house team. 
Next week on the Barbour Blog we will be interviewing Emma Passmore on what's best to feed your #BarbourDogs to keep tails wagging.
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