Christmas Is Coming, It’s Time To Pack…

This week we caught up with Olivia Foster, Senior News Reporter at Grazia, to discuss winter wardrobe practicalities.

November 11th 2013

This week we caught up with Olivia Foster, Senior News Reporter at Grazia, to discuss winter wardrobe practicalities.

Christmas is just over a month away now which means if like me you like to plan ahead, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to be wearing this festive season. Hailing from Cornwall Christmas for me means long walks with my Dad’s dogs, drinking too much of his home brewed alcohol and proper open fires – all after I’ve battled a five hour sweaty train ride from London, of course. Packing for these kind of activities is never easy though if you want to stay looking stylish, especially as someone who has never entirely understood the term ‘packing light.’ But for now, here’s what I’ll be taking home this year…

The Perfect Felt Hat

Whenever I’m travelling I always like to take a giant hat with me – to hide the exhaustion on my face from lugging around my heavy case. This maroon number was purchased from H&M a few years back and never fails to draw compliments; sometimes I think the hat is more popular than me…

Winter Whites

Winter whites are a favourite of mine. Despite the never ending fear that you might spill a glass of red wine down your front, or in my case, fall prey to a rogue Spaniel attack there’s something pretty special about this Barbour Blair jumper. I’d throw it over a pair of skinny jeans or layer it with a printed dress.

A Christmas Dress

Christmas day for me means dressing up (and then falling asleep on the sofa). This vintage dress is my pick this year, it’s perfect for swanning about the house in and forgiving enough that I don’t need to worry about how many roast potatoes I’ve eaten.

A Good Face Cream

After hours upon hours of windy beach walks my face starts to look a little bit like it’s been sand blasted - probably because it has been! I’ve tried loads of different face creams but this Nivea one is wonderful and thick and perfect for restoring my skin after it’s been exposed to the elements.

A Good Pair Of Boots

At the risk of sounding like my Mother a pair of sensible shoes is a must down in muddy Cornwall. Whilst the pull of designer wellies is pretty strong I prefer to buy mine from Cornwall Farmers – a local store in Truro – they also do a pretty good line of pig feed should you ever need some!