Barbour International Sessions: Stevie Parker

The Barbour International Facebook Live Sessions are back with our third instalment of the season. Next up is electro pop singer-songwriter, Stevie Parker.

May 2nd 2017
Up next for the latest instalment of our Barbour International Sessions is Stevie Parker, who will be playing live from our Piccadilly store on Sunday 7th May at 8pm. You can watch it live, exclusively on our Barbour International Facebook page.
What kind of music can those tuning in to the #BarbourIntSession on Sunday expect from you if they are not familiar with your sound already?
Lush chords, sub bass, an electronic feel - it's a mix of genres really but what I normally say is 'ambient electro pop'.
Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music?
I was always all about the strong female voices I grew up around, Dusty, Eva Cassidy, Stevie Nicks - I never intended to be a pro musician, but Motown and pop music were such a big part of my childhood and adolescence, it was impossible not to be influenced 
Music and style have always been associated with one another, how do you use clothing to project you musical persona?
Well, I'm normally somewhat of an under-dresser. I like to wear guys clothes, baggy tee-shirts, sweatshirts and black jeans - but I guess this lends itself to what I'm doing musically, raw, (hopefully) gimmick-less and straight to the point. 
Barbour International has its roots in motorcycle clothing, why do you think motorcycle style is so often adopted by musicians?
I think it has everything to do with the 1950's and the wave of cultural liberations that came with it - it's just an iconic look, and it's so representative of rebellion and expression, which music is too.
 Stevie wore our B.Intl Rivco Jumper.
Who is on your playlist at the moment that you just can’t stop listening to?
I keep listening to Ralph - she's got some real bangers, it's totally pop but I love that kind of stuff for a singalong. I'm also still enjoying Bonobo's latest record.
You are releasing your album The Cure on vinyl – why do you think vinyl has had such a resurgence?
Possibly as a direct response to everything being digital now. People still want something tactile and tangible - vinyl are so pleasing.
What exclusive news can you give us? Is there a new single/album coming out or a festival you are playing this summer you are especially excited about?
There are a couple of festival slots I've been booked for, which are incredibly exciting things I didn't think I'd get to do, I'll be announcing those really soon! My album comes out May 19th - which is terrifying.
You are touring at the moment - performing live requires confidence, particularly as a solo artist – how do you prepare for playing live?
It's always pretty scary. I don't really have a ritual, I just try to focus leading up to the performance and get some time by myself to sort of 'regroup' - I normally feel fine if I can do that. 
You will be performing live on the Barbour International Facebook page on Sunday, what do you look forward to about playing live?
I guess just getting to play with my band and get some audience interaction. We get used to the confines of a practice room and so getting out on tour it's always just great to be able to play to actual people and travel all over.
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