#BarbourIntSummer: On the Road Round-up

As our #BarbourIntSummer series comes to an end, we're looking back at life on the road with four handpicked musicians who embody the spirit of Barbour International…

July 28th 2017
We’re nearing the end of #BarbourIntSummer, and our journey on the road with four handpicked musicians; White Lies, Youngr, Earl and Rose Gray.
We followed them across the UK to muddy festivals, sweaty music venues and studio sessions showcasing their independence and style paired with their favourite Barbour International clothing.
White Lies
We travelled to Brighton with White Lies as they took to the stage for their headline show at Concorde 2. The band are veterans of the live show, so playing their classic and timeless hits comes easily, yet the attention to detail and raw effort that’s put into their set shines through. We couldn’t think of band more perfectly matched to the spirit of Barbour International! 


Youngr took us along to a muddy field in the heart of Southwold, Suffolk. Festival-goers braved the pouring rain to dance along to his infectious electro-pop, and experience his seemingly endless energy. It was a long day but ended on a high watching the rain crashing off Youngr’s cymbals as he ends to an adoring crowd. We spotted a few Barbour jackets in the crowd; everyone was prepared for a typical British summer.

We joined Earl on a very special day: her first ever headline show! The venue is the same one she played at for her first ever show in London, so it holds a special place in her heart. The show was a success, with Earl’s vocals on point, and no-one in the crowd could resist a dance. The Durness Denim Jacket looked great up on stage and kept Earl feeling classic and timeless; just like her music, and her favourite bombshells: Marilyn, Bardot and Moss.  
Rose Gray
Lastly, we went for a stroll around London with Rose Gray, stopping for a chat in her favourite coffee shop and ending up in a studio session, as she worked on tracks for her debut album. Rose told us about how her music tastes were mature beyond her years, and this contributed to her classic-sounding soulful pop, which is a window into her free spirit. It also conjures hazy images of London in the summer; BBQs with friends, days spent in the park, and nights exploring culture in the streets. What better way to close #BarbourIntSummer?
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