#BarbourDogs Loyalty Launch Event

Yesterday we headed to the Rosewood London to celebrate the launch of our Barbour Dogs loyalty scheme. Discover which VIPs turned up with their canine companions, and how to join them in signing up...

July 21st 2017
On a warm but typically drizzly day in London, we headed into the beautiful Rosewood London for a breakfast with treats for both human and pup and a panel talk with dog whisperer, Oli Juste. 
Oli Juste
Oli helped our guests with valuable hints and tips on training and behaviour to our crowds of pet owners, eager to understand how to support their beloved canine friends. 
Those guests included Musician Jess Glynne and her spaniel Frankie, Actor Russell Tovey and his French Bulldog Rocky, designer Patrick Cox and his two English Bulldogs, Caesar and Brutus, and Model Richard Biedul and his Dachshund, Vinny. 
Jess Glynne and Russell Tovey
Patrick Cox and Richard Biedul
Some of our canine pals, who you may recognise from our @BarbourDogs Instagram account also dropped by to enjoy the fun, including, Gambit the Frenchie, Grrl Genius Elle, Noodle the Dachshund and the very excited Severus and Lily from Spaniel Life. 
Severus & Lily and Noodle
As well as fun food, trying on our Barbour dogs collection and a panel talk with Oli, our canine guests jumped in our doggy photo booth so they had a memento of the day to take home with them. 
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Lady Victoria Hervey and Dartagnan
After a busy morning our host for the day, Pearl of the Rosewood London, wished our guests well as they headed out into a much sunnier London city, for a well-deserved nap… in a Barbour dog bed of course!
Don’t forget to sign up for the Barbour Dogs Loyalty Scheme here and read our latest #BarbourDogs blog with Pearl from Rosewood.