Barbour Shirt Department Checks, with Designer, Andy McMillan

With the help of our very own Menswear Designer Andy McMillan, we’re taking a closer look at the checks in our latest SS17 Shirt Department collection…

April 17th 2017
This season we’re offering Original Tartans, Country Ginghams and Gentlemen’s Tattersalls. Best placed to give us an in-depth view of our Shirt Department is our Menswear Designer, Andy McMillan.
 Pictured our Barbour Herbert Tailored Shirt.
The colours and designs of our exclusive tartans are incorporated into shirts that combine heritage with modernity. Plain Oxfords take inspiration from the colours of our Original Tartans. Synonymous with Scottish culture, our Original Tartans each have their own unique design, all with their own story – our Tartans play prominence to our rich heritage.
Pictured our Barbour Leonard Tailored Fit Shirt.
Gingham is a balanced plain-woven fabric, made of medium of fine yarns. Taking inspiration from the rich colours of the British countryside, we have designed our Country Gingham shirt range based on elegant and confident styles designed for the outdoors. The range features shirts that fit in perfectly with our spring –summer season, with their lightweight feel – perfect for summer pursuits.
 Pictured our Barbour Patrick Tailored Fit Shirt.
The origin of the Tattersal pattern can be traced back to the 18th century and Tattersall’s Horse Market, the check is evenly spaced out – in the summer months we use Tattersall patterns on while ground poplin to give a fresh modern interpretation of this classic pattern. Inspired by our Scottish roots, you can see a whole host of bold checks in choice of bright colours.
In case you missed our last Shirt Department blog, we caught up with our in-house Stylist, James Wells, to take closer look at some of this season’s key #BarbourShirts styles.
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