Barbour International: #ForTheFreeSpirited – Rae Morris

Next up in our #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign, we caught up with the talented singer-songwriter Rae Morris.

August 28th 2017
This Barbour International #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign we're giving you an insight into the lives of six creatives who embody the free spirited attitude and style of Barbour International...
With the upcoming release of her new album, we met up with singer-songwriter Rae Morris, to discuss how growing up in the North of England inspires her music, and what advice she would give her younger self. Find out what Rae had to say…
Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little more about what you do and why it’s so unique?
My name is Rae Morris and I’m a singer and songwriter. I grew up and lived in Blackpool for most of my life and I think that has a lot to do with who I am in my music and artistic vision. Everyone has a story and is unique in their own personality, character and thought process. A lot of that comes from your upbringing and the people around you in those early years.
I’ve been making music and writing songs since I realised I could at age 17. I’m now 24 and will be releasing my second album in the next few months. Music is my first love, but I also feel so lucky that art, performance and fashion are things that I feel super passionate about, and can spend time with to pair with my music, creating a little world of colour and energy for people to enjoy! Hopefully!
Why did you make the decision to take this direction and not follow convention?
Sometimes following a trend is harder to do. Keeping up with what’s popular is a full time job and it takes a lot of concentration. I don’t think I have enough discipline to do that! I thrive off instinct and for me, everything is about authenticity. It’s important to me that people can get to know my personality and true values through my music and art I put out there. You just have to be confident in the audience that’s listening, and I feel very lucky that I have some wonderful fans that make me feel like it’s okay to be completely myself.
If you could give your younger self advice on the following subjects, what would they be?
This word was such an illusion to me when I was at school. I really couldn’t imagine myself having a ‘career’ in the sense that we were advised about. I would tell myself to look further and wider about the options available, read the news more and find out about the crazy interesting jobs and careers that are out there! I was lucky I eventually found one that is unconventional and perfect for me, but it takes a lot of time and worry along the way, hoping that you’re making the right life decisions.
My style in the fashion and clothing sense hasn’t changed much over the years in retrospect, but when I was 15-18, it was something that I wasted a lot of time overthinking. I’ve come to learn that people look their best when they look happy, comfortable and you can see their creative spirit coming through. I’d tell my younger self to be braver and wear the crazier things that I’d try on then take off again!
Rae wore our B.Intl Tain Wax Jacket paired with our B.Intl Mondello Roll Collar Sweater
For a very long time, I wrongly confused confidence with arrogance and found that my desperation not to appear full of my own self-importance held me back in many ways. It’s a very fine line, and one that takes time to get to know, but being confident in your own ability and vision is an amazing tool if used properly. I’d tell my younger self to stop apologising for things and instead put that energy into creating cool stuff! I’m still trying to do that now.
I was always given a lot of freedom. Freedom to be loud, to have an opinion, to pursue the things I was passionate about. I’d say that the younger version of me knew more about freedom than I do now to be honest. I was always so excited about exploring, travelling, moving away from home and Blackpool; trying new things. My idea of freedom has changed a little since then. Now, freedom is feeling calm and peaceful in my mind, stress free, on a day off. It’s always changing.
What is your essential everyday kit?
When I’m touring or out playing shows, as much as it’s a lot of fun, there are always moments that you crave home comforts. I always take with me: A cosy jumper - like my Barbour International Mondello Roll Collar Sweater, the book I’m reading (but mostly just carrying everywhere with me), a notebook with a selection of pens for doodling and ideas, and a pair of good headphones.
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