Barbour International: #ForTheFreeSpirited – James Jordan

This week in our #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign, we met up with James Jordan, founder of Kingdom of Kicks, and a cult figure in the custom bike world.

August 21st 2017
This Barbour International #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign we're giving you an insight into the lives of six creatives who embody the free-spirited attitude and style of Barbour International...
We caught up with James, the founder of custom bike builders and rising crew, Kingdom of Kicks. James chats to us about what inspired him to get into the world of motorbike building, and also what advice he'd give his younger self. Find out what James had to say...
Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little more about what you do and why it’s so unique?
I’m James Jordan, I run Kingdom of Kicks and build bikes in Hackney Wick. I guess what is unique is that I have built my flat in East London with a full workshop. I only work on old bikes in there, mainly old Harleys and Triumphs. 
Why did you make the decision to take this direction and not follow convention?
It’s not hard to avoid conventions. I’ve been into bikes for about 10 years. I chose this direction as I just really enjoyed working on old bikes. I also like riding for travel, so I spend as much time as I can doing road trips and camping out with mates. I needed somewhere I could work on my bikes in the winter months without freezing. Most of my time I’m sorting out my bikes in the winter so I can ride all summer.
If you could give your younger self advice on the following subjects, what would they be?
Get a job doing what you love.
My style is mainly denim and functional clothing that I can wear on the bike and to a meeting. I need clothing that will last for years to come. My tip would be buy a Barbour jacket and wear it in for years - things always look better when they are used. 
Do whatever you want. Although I guess I never did listen to anyone over 30 when I was a kid…
Don't stop travelling to far flung places. Explore areas in more depth and take advice from locals and those who have gone before you. Build a chopper with an Evo engine that works well and keep this bike as your long distance hauler instead of trying to limp old bikes around, even though it is a lot of fun!
What is your essential everyday kit?
I’d go for my Barbour International Jacket and maybe a beanie. On the bottom half, it’s a combination of denim and oil stains!
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