AW17 Weather Comfort: Miguel Santana

Meet influential photographer and director Miguel Santana as he test drives our Weather Comfort collection at Middleton Lodge.

September 27th 2017
To celebrate the launch of our AW17 Weather Comfort collection we invited photographer Miguel Santana to join us on a get away to Middleton Lodge. Discover what he got up to and what pieces he chose from the collection to test drive…
I was recently invited by Barbour to spend a few days at the idyllic Middleton Lodge estate, where I had the pleasure of putting the new Weather Comfort range through its paces in the Yorkshire countryside - as well as getting the chance to learn more about the rich history of Barbour’s weatherproof outerwear.
After getting sucked in by a fascinating, candle-lit presentation on the evolution of Barbour waxed jackets; from century-old samples plucked from the family business archives right up to the technology of the light & breathable materials used in today’s collections, I was suddenly eager to put this range to the test, knowing just how much precision and craft had gone into its technical engineering.
We kicked off the following day with a hearty breakfast and brisk dog-walk in the beautiful woodlands surrounding the lodge. It seemed as though none of us humans had quite as much energy as our canine companions. But after a gradual ramp up of stick-throwing and photo-shooting, we were beginning to work up both a heart rate and an appetite in equal measures!
Following a quick rest-stop at the lodge, we made our way to the house gardens, at which we picked a number of fresh greens in preparation for our chef’s practical demo of one of the most delicious duck dishes I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.
After lunch we decided to give Croquet a go out on the lawn. Only problem being - none us knew how to play! A quick ‘google’ and a few made-up rules later, we eventually found a semblance of a game which may or may not be Croquet - but very much amused and entertained nonetheless. And I’ll just go ahead and say I won. I think?!
Miguel wore our Barbour Rivington Waterproof Jacket paired with our Barbour Burghley Boots.
Next up - something a little more active than we’d done up to then… A bike ride in the rain! We took to the trails and roads of the estate, up and down hills, grass and gravel. And not once did I think of removing the Weather Comfort coat, because I completely forgot I was even wearing it. Which to me is the biggest testament of its success in both keeping me dry from the rain, while allowing my body to breathe during outdoor exercise.
All throughout the day I’d been snapping with my compact camera. It’s always a concern where to keep my pocket camera during the most extreme situations - as often pockets aren’t the most adequate safe place to keep it, despite the name! However I’m thrilled that I was able to slip it in and out of my button-up Rivington Waterproof Jacket pockets, without ever worrying about protection from rain, dust, or it simply falling out. My camera held up beautifully, and I’d happily trust it again any day - be it in the green countryside or the bustle of a rainy London
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