AW17 Original North Sea Outfitters: Paul Havel

We caught up with social media photographer and video creator, Paul Havel, to talk about life on the Maine coast, his personal style and what he loves most from our AW17 Original North Sea Outfitters collection, available at Orvis.

October 10th 2017
We're big fans of Paul Havel’s Instagram account, where he documents his life and travels of the Maine coast with his four-legged companion Poppy. Discover what inspires his work and why he made the move from New York to New England.
A fan of Barbour, the adventurous Paul is the perfect fit for our coastal inspired AW17 Original North Sea Outfitters collection, a range designed for time spent outdoors whatever the weather.
Paul wears the Barbour Duxbury Jacket.
Your Instagram accounts do an incredible job of showcasing how stunning and unique coastal New England is. What drew you into Instagram and made you want to use the channel to share your life with your followers?
I first came to Instagram in college, when I was studying business and needed a creative outlet. Instagram allowed me – and still allows me – to connect with other creative people, and receive support and feedback on my work. I’m not sure I’d be as inspired to create my videos and shoot my photos if I didn’t have such an incredible community to share them with.
How would you describe your personal style?
Classic if sometimes a bit loud. I try to embrace color. I've definitely made an effort to really build my wardrobe over the last 10 or so years. I really think about pieces that I want to have forever before acquiring them. One time my UES apartment in Manhattan was broken into and I was more worried about my sweater collection than my laptop! (Thankfully both were fine.)

Tell us about your first Barbour experience.
Jackie bought me my first Barbour coat, a green Ashby, for my birthday the first year we were dating. Now I’m hooked, and lets just say I have more than one.  
Paul wears the Barbour Gisburne Jacket.
What does the future look like for the two of you and life in Maine?
We are very fortunate that we can work from anywhere. Right now, Kennebunkport is the perfect spot because it’s very central in New England but also still only about 4.5 hours from New York where we still have some clients. We’ve been more focused on getting everything set up in Maine the last few months, but going forward are trying to prioritize stepping away and getting back to travel and adventures in New England. Especially this Fall for the foliage.
How has the move from New York to Maine affected your personal styles? What do you love most about life by the coast?
People used to say I dressed like I was from Maine when I lived in New York, so I’m not sure anything has changed! More stripes, maybe. The ability to go to the beach on a daily basis is something I’ve never had before. It’s a great place to gather my thoughts and come up with new ideas.
What could we find in the pocket of your Barbour jackets?
Lens cap, I hope. I haven’t seen mine in days..
Where do you each get style inspiration from?
Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of old National Geographic magazines, the features as well as the advertisements. I found a couple boxes full of copies from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s at a flea market and have been paging through them one at a time. I love the timeless, outdoor aesthetic and am drawn to looks that remained relatively consistent through the decades.
What drew you to the Barbour Coastal and Barbour ONSO collections?
To me the collection feels sort of coastal meets countryside, which in my mind is the perfect pairing. I love that I can wear the pieces on a boat fishing or on a hike in the mountains.
Paul, you create really engaging stop-motion videos. What inspires you to create them and do you have any favorites?
It’s funny, I still have a soft spot for some of my first animations that I shot in my college dorm room on an old iPhone 4. The inspiration really comes from just doing something that’s a bit different from other work out there. I love giving a product life it’s never had before.
Where are some of your favorite coastal New England spots to visit? Any must-see landmarks or restaurants to try?
Nothing beats a trip to Nantucket. Jackie and I like to go in May just when it’s starting to feel like Summer, but before the summer crowds have arrived. We love to grab sandwiches and cookies (the best) from Something Natural and take a 4-wheel drive out to the lighthouse on Great Point Light for a picnic and seal watching. An evening sail on the Endeavor is also a must!

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